Rainy day fun

24 Jan

For the past week my mother in law was staying with us to celebrate the birthdays of my two sons and we had so much fun. The boys love when their Cha Cha and Papa come to visit and our days always seem packed with trips to the park, beach, and really anywhere that is outside. Monday rained all day long and after my MIL accidentally locked herself out in the rain with the boys after realizing they couldn’t cross the street due to the river flowing in the gutter, I raced home to rescue them. We live at the bottom of a hill so anytime it rains water rushes down and basically creates a river as wide as our car making it impossible to leave. After saving them and grabbing some dry clothes we packed the kids in the car  and went to Chuck E. Cheese. I remember it being a lot bigger and anyone who went to Chuck E. Cheese back in the day should remember the band of animatronic animals that would come alive every 30 min or so. Well, that band is gone replaced by a TV screen and only a smaller sized animatronic Chuck. And the ball pits…gone, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing as those seemed pretty unsanitary. 

The boys had an amazing time. They had pizza, played games, and won some prizes. This idea of my MIL to take them there on a rainy day was pure genius. It saved my sanity lol. Rainy days are not my friend as it keeps us trapped in the house and the kids get a little bit of cabin fever, which means no amount of coffee can help and I find myself watching the clock counting down the hours until Daddy gets home. 

As we left, we saw what looked like part of a bee hive in the road. All the bees had vacated which I made sure of before letting the boys have a look. It was pretty neat. 


All in all it was wonderful having my MIL stay with us for so long. It makes me so happy to see the relationship the boys have with their grandparents. It brings me back to my childhood with my grandparents taking us on trips and how close my sister and I were to them growing up. 

Now that the house is quieter, or as quiet as it can get with two toddlers running rampant through the house, I can get some sewing done. I’m excited to begin cutting the pieces for my next quilt and make up some things to put in the Etsy shop I plan on opening this summer. And now off to put my little Monkey to bed so I can relax and catch up on some shows saved on the DVR.



2 Responses to “Rainy day fun”

  1. Kevin January 25, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    Hangin with the folks was always the part of rainy days. Love the photography, look forward to reading more.


  2. Renato January 25, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    Cool picture!


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