Warm winter days

26 Jan

  Living in Southern California definitely has it’s perks. For the past couple of days it has been in the upper 70/80’s. It was so nice that my husband came a little early to pick me up from work so that he could take the boys to the beach to play in the sand for a bit. 


Funny that just Monday it was pouring rain and we were all bundled up, and today it was board shorts and flip flops. I suppose that’s why we have stayed here. I can’t wait for the summer and only hope we have more time to go to the beach and take the boys out surfing. 

  Today I also managed to draw out a couple of quilt patterns. They may have been done before, I’m not really sure, but as soon as I begin I plan on posting every step so that if anyone wants to quilt along with me they can. Just a warning though, I am not a professional in any way. I am self taught and have only been sewing for the past year. The internet and sewing/quilting blogs have been my teacher. I hope that I can give a little back of what they gave to me and that some of you will join me!  


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