A Day in the Life…

30 Jan

A Day in the life…

6:30 am wake up call. Hubby needed to ask me a question, Monkey woke up, came into bed with me and proceeded to tell me every 5 minutes that he wanted a bagel and Daddy get’s me a bagel all the time…Bug is awake too but just hangin out in his bed.

7:30 am- Hear Bug coughing and what sounds like throwing up. Yep. He threw up. Twice. Ok, fun already. 

7:40am- Cook boys and myself breakfast AFTER I have started a pot of coffee. I knew I was going to need this ASAP as both boys were circling my legs crying about wanting food and just wanting attention. I’m already a little frazzled because I’m tired and in dire need of the coffee that is taking way too long to brew.

8amish- We eat breakfast, Monkey is calm now because the beast has been fed lol. Get Bug down from his high chair. I’m sipping my coffee playing on the computer, when Bug comes over, looks at me, and then throws up his breakfast all over my lap. Monkey, as per mommy’s instructions, gets me a tupperware bowl and the roll of paper towels. And now wardrobe change #1 happens for Bug and mommy.  P.S. did I mention he managed to throw up all over my shoes and my hubby’s that happened to be in his way? 

11am- I’m in the kitchen trying to do a little housework, attempting to keep the kids from running around as I don’t want Bug to throw up again. Monkey keeps chasing Bug around in circles, their laughing, I tell them to stop, bend down to talk to them, and manage to catch Bug’s throw up. Again. Wardrobe change #2 happens. I admit, at this point I feel a little overwhelmed. I want my hubby. 

12pm- I start making lunch for us all and have put Bug in his high chair so that he stops running around. I make Bug toast since he hasn’t keep anything down, Monkey gets a PB&J and mommy makes a healthy chicken burrito minus the rice and beans. Lunch goes well, no more accidents. 

12:40pm- PUt Bug down for a nap. He falls asleep fast. Monkey goes down next. Lastly mommy is in bed trying to nap but of course the neighbors decide this is the time to yell across their house to talk to each other. Reminds me of that Will Ferrell skit every time. You know, the one where he has a voice immodulation disorder. Yep. I think our neighbor does. Too bad he’s not funny like Will Ferrell. So I lay there wishing for sleep. I think I must have fallen asleep for at least 15 minutes, I’m really just too worried about Bug and listening to his breathing. 

2:30pm- up from our nap. Bug seems ok now. We play in their room for a bit.

4pmish- Get a snack for the boys, put Netflix on the Mac for the kids and mommy starts week 5 of P90X. Thankfully they let me do this with only 2 interruptions. 

5:30pm- Finally finish my resume and begin the job hunt for a Medical Transcription job. If I want to sew for a living I need to make more money to buy fabric.

6:15pm- Start dinner. Made some Aguadito  and while it cooked applied to a job and hung with the boys. 

7:45pm- Daddy is home at last. Big sigh of relief. Eat dinner, put Bug to bed and fall on the couch exhausted and watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Somehow this makes me appreciate my life more. Monkey goes down about an hour later. 

10pm- Sitting here writing this post, thinking of how I’m going to modify this iPhone cover I’m trying to get right…I think I may draw up a quick pattern before making my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll be asleep before midnight but somehow doubt that will happen.


This was an exhausting day. Apparently there is a bug (not my Bug) going around and I think Monkey had a little version of it last week, but out the other end lol. Here’s the thing. I’d rather be catching throw up in my hands than working 40 hour weeks and having free time to myself (meaning life without children). Motherhood is dirty no doubt, and it’s a struggle.  And I’d rather be here, living in this chaos and beauty, than anywhere else doing anything else.



One Response to “A Day in the Life…”

  1. Renato January 31, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    My God! You are an Incredible Woman, and I am truly a lucky man. You leave me speechless, in a good way. I love you, and am honored to be your husband.


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