Super Bowl let down

5 Feb

I confess I have never really watched the Super Bowl. Sure it’s on our tv every year, but I never paid any attention to it until this year. My hubby’s team is the 49ers and they had a good season this year. I found myself becoming a fan 2 weeks ago when they had the playoffs and I was rooting for the 49ers to win. I didn’t realize how invested I was in the game until they lost in overtime. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about the game, so much so that I actually understood a good amount of what was happening in the game today. So, maybe after 31 years of not caring I’ve finally become a football fan. I have to admit I really didn’t care who won, but I found myself rooting for the Patriots and was bummed when they couldn’t pull off a touch down in the last 50 seconds of the game. Side note:  what about Betty White in that commercial for The Voice? I LOVE her. Seriously. I want to have her over for dinner. My sister and I met her once when we were little girls, she took her dog to the same Vet we did. She was really nice, and pet our dog and everything. Too bad I didn’t know what a true comedic genius she was back then.  I have to say I really missed having the hubby home to watch the game with us. It just didn’t feel complete watching football with the boys and daddy being at work.

After dinner while I was cleaning up my hubby asked Monkey if he wanted to play football. He said no, so my hubby asked what if Bug played football? Monkey said he would have to be on the same team then so he could protect his baby brother. If they did play on the same team, I’m pretty sure Bug would never get tackled because Monkey would always be there to make sure he was safe. That was a proud mommy moment to hear him say that.

In other news, I quilted (only a few lines) and bound my little embroidery teapot trivet. I won’t be using it as a trivet as we don’t have a cute little teapot to put on it, so I thought I would let the boys have it and they could use it when they play with their kitchen.

I finished the binding today on my break at work. I really love this and how fast and easy it came together. I also  need to get to work on this quilt I started, but cutting all the fabric is so tedious and my least favorite part of the whole process. I need to get some charm packs and make a quilt from those so I won’t have to do much cutting. Maybe the boys will entertain themselves tomorrow long enough for me to get some cutting done. Bug is back to normal health wise so maybe I will get a little break. I bet if we go play outside in the morning it will get a lot of energy out and they will be a little calmer during the day, plus it’s supposed to rain Tuesday so we should enjoy the sun while we can.



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