Easiest day in a while

8 Feb

This was such a nice Wednesday. Why? Because my hubby was off work with me! Since he was scheduled Super Bowl Sunday, a day which he is unavailable to  work because I do but was scheduled anyway, he was off today. It was such an easy day! Waking up at 7am is different when he’s still here with me. He went and got our taxes done this morning nice and early and while he was gone I cleaned the house and did laundry while the boys played in their room. When Daddy got home he built a train track in the boys room and they played in there until lunch time which meant mommy got to relax a little. So I snuck outside and took this picture

These are the little heart pouches I made last night. I realized tonight that I also need to make cupcakes for Monkey to take to school Tuesday as his birthday is the next day. These kids are gonna be all sugared up when they go home from school Tuesday lol. Sadly the Preschool also scheduled our monthly membership meeting that is mandatory on Valentines evening. Seriously??!! Who does that? It’s not like we are going anywhere or have reservations, but I would like to have a nice dinner at home and cuddle with my love instead of eating a rushed meal and then cramming myself into a tiny chair listening about what’s happening next month. Boo. I only hope they get us out of there fast.

This afternoon after we all woke up from our naps I dopped the hubby and kids off at the UFC gym and I headed to SAS Fabrics and got a lot of fabric all for $20!

The two at the bottom I think are jersey knits. Not totally sure as it was all just in piles. I love that SAS has fabric by the pound, which is probably why I love the Michael Levine loft in Downtown LA-if you haven’t been yet you need to go! Buying fabric always gets me so excited to sew and I just love when I can show my hubby everything I got and then to be able to shock him with the low price. My next trip will be to Momen + in old Torrance. I saw them on Yelp and got really excited when I saw the pictures they had up…all kinds of Japanese fabrics from traditional to Kawaii, and I will probably end up buying some the Echino fabrics I’ve been dying to buy.

All in all today really finally felt like I had a day off.


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