Sickness strikes again

11 Feb

Today was not the day for me to get out and take some pictures. My hubby was at work all day and I was home with one sick boy which made 2 fussy boys and a frazzled mommy. So I had to take pictures indoors which had me waiting on the sun to shine in just right. That never happened for me. Here’s one of my youngest and his PB&J face.

I also sort of like this one of the stove. F6, Shutter 1/20, aperture priority.

I didn’t get a lot of time to set up my shots and adjust my settings as Monkey kept trying to get in the picture. I also did a little experiment with exposure settings and painting with light. ISO set to 200, 10 sec exposure, F4.

This was my first time ever doing anything like this and it is pretty fun. I had to use my iPhone as a light source and I shot this in our kitchen. I’ll try it outside another night when I have the hubby home.

Not much of anything got done today with the boys having tantrums every 15 minutes or so, and Monkey deciding not to take a nap which lead to a second pot of coffee being brewed this afternoon. I did not clean, I did not put away laundry, I barely made dinner. I never got dressed and I found it extremely difficult to not lose it today. So now I’m listening to the boys mess around in their room when they should be sleeping and hoping my hubby doesn’t take too long at the gym tonight because this momma needs to get to bed soon as I have to be at work at 4:15am. For now, I guess I’ll just attempt to relax, stitch up some more felt hearts and catch up on The Walking Dead.


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