Yesterday’s FAIL

13 Feb

So I didn’t get a chance to take a picture yesterday, or post. I did however manage to sew up a bag that has to be topstitched tonight to finish and I caught up to season 2 of The Walking Dead last night. Tonight we start watching Season 2 and hopefully by the end of the week are all caught up to Season 3. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you are missing out! The reason yesterday was a fail is because I had to open at work and I was exhausted when I got home, took a nap and then the hubby went to work and didn’t get home until after midnight. Both boys are sick which usually means arguments left and right, but they were surprisingly easy last night. I wish I could say the same for today. Both Monkey and Bug have coughs and runny noses. Monkey isn’t so bad to deal with but Bug just wants to be in my lap and no where else. I did manage to get him off my lap long enough at lunch time to sneak outside and get this shot.

I looked outside and saw it had rained and got this shot. We have a metal fold up chair that’s sitting outside and I thought it looked neat with the water droplets. I’m hoping tomorrow to get a night shot using a longer exposure. Valentine’s day is sort of not happening here as it’s my hubby’s first day of school and I have to go to a meeting at the Preschool at 7pm. Oh well.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture to post of the purse I’m making. I also cut out some templates to do English paper piecing of hexagons to make a mini quilt. It looks like fun and I like that I get to try hand piecing and hand quilting. Now I have to run, there are some runny noses I have to go wipe.


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