16 Feb

Yesterday my Monkey turned 4 and as we were leaving for the market today I noticed his shoes and how beat up they are. It just seemed so BOY to me. He plays hard so his jeans get torn, his shoes get scuffed up and worn down, his toys take a beating. So I had him sit down to capture his little growing feet so that when he’s grown, I can look back and remember when he was 4.

I realized the other day that while I would LOVE to take a picture every single day, it just may not be realistic. Not with 2 toddlers at least. There are some days when being a mommy is all there is time for. So I will attempt every day to get outside, but am ok if some days I just can’t. I’m just glad I’m out there using my camera.


One Response to “4”

  1. Charilola February 16, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    That’s so sweet! I love pictures like that they bring you many beautiful memories, I was recently looking at some of my family’s pictures albums and I couldn’t believe all the emotions I was going through, a mix of happiness, sadness, and laughters, at the end it was great it made me appreciate even more all the wonderful things that life is taking me through.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.


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