Hexie craze

19 Feb

Yes, I know, I am a year late but I’ve only been sewing for almost a year. I’ve been browsing hexie quilts and found one I really want to make. This is a hexagon charm quilt along that was created last March but I really want to do it. I even found a couple charm packs I want from the Fat Quarter Shop.


I want these so bad. I have yet to work with Charm Packs but I want to so bad. That only makes 336 1″ hexies and I will need 1173 total to make a lap size quilt. Gasp. I thought maybe instead I could  square up blocks of hexies and surround them by a solid color so that I would need a lot less, kind of like this

This is a mini quilt so the blocks might not be so big, but you get the idea…Not sure. All I know is I am inspired and am dying to to have these in my possession. I think I’m in love with hexies because I can do them anywhere, they are just adorable, and well, I’m just plain hooked. Hopefully the hubby reads this and says, yeah babe, of course you can buy them lol. Well now I just want to go sew up some hexies so I’m going to go finish a project I started last week involving…you guessed it, hexies.


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