Estate sale finds

25 Feb

I haven’t posted in the past couple of days because the boys have been sick and then I got a little bit of what they had so I was going to bed early and resting as much as possible. Monkey is much better except for the cough he still has and Bug is getting there. We all have a cough and we’ve all been a little cranky. This morning since we’ve been staying indoors I thought it would be fun to go to a couple of garages sales and check out a couple of estate sales I saw online yesterday. We got up early to take daddy to work and then hit up our first garage sale…it was a bust. They advertised it to be a lot larger than it actually was. So we came home, ate breakfast and set out to visit an Estate sale but we got there too early so we drove down the street to 2 garage sales that were side by side. This is where I found something!

the bottom is linen about 1/2 yd I think, and the top is a pillow case that is vintage looking but may or may not be and I paid 75c for both. When  we were done we went to the Estate Sale. I think I’m hooked. It is a lot of stuff to go through and I had two toddlers with me that wanted to touch EVERYTHING, but they did pretty good and I think I did too. I managed to find all this

The bottom striped fabric is linen and I love it. It looks to be about 3 yds, and then I found a vintage sheet, zippers and a cute jar of assorted buttons. All for under $15. The lady said whatever they don’t sell today is all 50% off tomorrow and I really want to go back. I also signed up to be on the email list and found out there is an Estate sale in PV next weekend. Even my hubby said it seemed fun and is thinking about going with me next weekend. I think if you are willing to hunt through things it is worth it. But it can be hit or miss for sure. I got lucky with these finds. We stopped at one more Estate sale on the way home and I picked up these

$1.50 for these. I think I’m going to do some embroidery on them and use them as napkins for picnics,at the beach, and during the summer when we eat outside. I didn’t really expect to find anything at these sales and was really happy I found some awesome things! It’s definitely a lot of foot work and research but I think it was worth it, and it was a lot of fun. The boys actually had a good time too and Monkey wanted to keep looking for garage sales but mommy had to use the bathroom and Bug was getting hungry. IF anyone gets word of anyone selling or giving away fabric in the Southern California area, let me know!


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