I’m Back!

1 Mar

Well, the sickness that has been trying to get me for the past 2 years finally got me. I started feeling a little run down Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon I was really feeling it although it didn’t hit full force until Monday. I managed to get Tuesday off of work so I just slept and took it easy all day while the hubby took care of the kids and home life. I’m pretty sure that getting that day to sleep and rest is the reason that by Wednesday I was starting to feel a little more like me. I’m still not 100%, this pesky stuffed nose and cough won’t leave, but it’s a big improvement from earlier this week. One nice thing about being sick with the boys is that on Monday late afternoon we all crawled into my bed and watched cartoons while waiting for daddy to get home, the best part was they enjoyed it and Bug even took a short nap which in turn let me take a short nap. The boys finally have no fevers and the crankiness level has been turned down for the moment. I may even sit down at the sewing machine for a bit tonight!

Since I was sick and too miserable to even get dressed, I have also been unable to take any pictures. I didn’t anticipate that once I started this little photo journey that I would miss my camera, and miss it I did. I can’t wait to take my camera out tomorrow and use it again. The battery  still showing full status reminds me that my camera has sat unused and lonely on my couch for 6 long days. I think for March I may find a photo along or whatever you call it, something that suggests things to take pictures of everyday, and follow that along for inspiration and ideas. And yes, I realize it is already March 1st but I can be a day late, blame it on the flu.

One thing I WAS able to do while sick was browse Pinterest on my iPhone. I found some fun activities that I think I want to do with the kids and I found a lot of sewing inspiration. I have become obsessed with hand quilting and really want to whip up a quilt fast so that I can hand quilt it. I love the look of it and I love learning new techniques. So tomorrow I head off to Joann’s as they are having a pretty good sale and I got some coupons today from one of my customers who saves me the Joanns ad every week. In the mean time I these solids to start a hexie quilt. This is going to take quite a while to complete since it is all hand sewing and I have about 1000 something hexies to create and then join together. Here are my colors

I found this color combo on Pinterest and thought it’s perfect for us, masculine colors with a splash of lilac for some softness. Even the hubby liked the color combo! Now here is that same fabric cut up into 714  2 1/2″ squares

I’m excited about this one and can’t wait until I get to the piecing stage which won’t be for some time. Until then I can work on designing my layout and stitchin up some hexies while I catch up on my DVR, oh and in between finishing up all the WIPs I have going on. Whew, this was a long post. Guess I should wrap this up and get some sewing in before lights out!


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