8 Mar

Yes! I started a new quilt! I had to take a little break after my Christmas quilt, mostly because my arms were tired from quilting that beast on my little Brother sewing machine. I’ve been going back and forth on how I wanted to do my quilt blocks and finally settled on the Granny square quilt I posted about the other day. Here’s the first block I was able to do yesterday.

I really am in love with this. My arm was pretty sore from cutting all those 2.5in squares (I did about 400 or so) but seeing this made it worth it. I’m excited to get this all pieced and quilted. Only 19 more blocks to go!

If you remember I’ve also joined a March Photo Along and have 2 more pictures to share. Seems that I may just attempt to shoot a majority of the pics from inside my house and see how that goes…

The inspiration was Something You Wore and I was wearing these all day so instead of raiding my closet for something cute I just pointed to my feet and clicked.

This was today’s photo and the inspiration was…you guessed it, Window. I was in the kitchen while the hubby was cooking our yummy dinner of Lomo Saltado and saw the open window. I just looked at the next 2 days inspiration and I have to say I’m pretty excited about those two. Actually looking at the whole month I’m pretty sure I can do about 99% inside my house. Next month I’ll attempt to do everything outside of my house. Fun.

Lastly I’ve been struggling with something. I started this blog to catalog my sewing adventures and as an outlet to talk about being a mommy and all that details, however, I choose to not mention my kids names or post pictures of them and now I’m not sure I want to hide them. At first it was mainly to protect them and to not have them splashed all over the internet where creepy people lurk. I definitely do NOT want anyone using the pictures I may or may not post of my little ones on their sites, Pinterest-anywhere really, my Facebook is set to private for those very reasons.  On the flip side I wonder why I am not posting pictures of my boys on a blog that I write about raising them?


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