10 Mar

Well, my hubby left it up to me weither or not I post pictures of the kids on here. After quite a bit of thinking I decided to post them. I also added a little “do not use these pictures etc” down at the bottom of my blog. I decided that since this is a blog not just about sewing, but about being a mommy as well that I couldn’t not feature them. Plus they are just too cute and photogenic! So without further ado, meet my beautiful boys!

These two make me so happy and crazy at the same time, which I guess is Parenthood. The other day I was looking back at pictures of my pregnant belly and pictures of them as newborns and I can’t believe how fast time has passed.





















There are times I want time to just stop time so that I can hold them in my arms and kiss their little feet for as long as I want, and other times I want to fast forward through the terrible two’s and tantrums. Like today, started off kinda crappy, way too early, and we were all cranky. We had some ups and downs, tantrums, and quiet times, and at the end of the day after dinner had been eaten, the house was clean, and the boys were ready for bed, we all laid in Caleb’s bed and I read them a story. I forgot for a moment that this had been a long day and that my hubby had been at work all day-still is as a matter of fact, and I did it all alone. Props to the moms and dads who do this by themselves day in and day out. I knew that having children changed your life and I knew that it would change me, I just had no idea how much. I am a much better person now and contrary to what all my single childless friends had said about my life being over once children came along, I feel like my life has actually STARTED. I wouldn’t trade any of  this in for a life of what others call “freedom”. I am free, I just have someone else I put before myself, someone else’s needs that come before my own, and really when you think about it, these first 5 years are probably the hardest most tiring parts of raising kids. Soon they won’t want me to sit in their room and play with them, they’ll be dying for me to leave! So while some days I may complain that it was rough, that I didn’t get any time to myself, that I had to catch vomit in my hands, deep down, I love it. I love my life. I love my boys. I love my husband. I am a lucky, lucky woman.


One Response to “Decisions”

  1. renato March 10, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    Im the lucky one.


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