Hello spider

14 Mar

I decided the other day that I need to create a list of all the sewing projects I would like to complete this year. I’ve seen these lists on other blogs and I thought it was a great idea to track progress and to help keep me on track-I’m easily side tracked by shiny new tutorials. When I started looking at all the bookmarks I’ve created since I started sewing I realized I’m going to have to do some editing or else I would need to complete a project a day. Hopefully I’ll have my list completed by the end of the week. On that list will be the hexi quilt I’ve been torturing myself with. Our printer ran out of ink so I couldn’t print my templates which meant I had to trace them and then cut them out. That was not fun. The added step was killing my arm and wrist, thankfully my hubby bought some ink on his way home from work and I have been printing up my templates again. Here’s a photo of my progress

Seeing this makes me so happy. I’ve also been working on my granny square quilt, 3 blocks completed so far. I’ve been going at it pretty slow and I think it may be time to kick it up a notch and knock out some blocks faster. I’ve just been feeling lazy  so that’s why I’ve made so little progress. That and I’ve been watching silly shows like Storage Wars, why am I so hooked on that show?! In other news, we made it outside today and I took my camera with me since I was going to take attempt to get a picture of Caleb for his school’s Talent Show next weekend. That didn’t work out, he only seems to want to take a picture when I’m trying to take pictures of something else. After my failed attempt at getting a decent close up of him I moved into the garage where I saw a spider creating a web. He gave me a nice pose too!

Thank you Mr. Spider for posing so well. After becoming a little more familiar with Pinterest and their interesting Terms of Service, I have been a lot more cautious of what i pin and wanted to protect my photos from getting stolen and make sure photo credit is given. I am in no way professional or even a great photographer, however, these are still my photos and I want it to remain that way so I decided to watermark all my photos from here on out.

Tomorrow I participate at Caleb’s preschool so I should probably be getting to bed soon. It may only be 4 hours that I’m there, but 4 hours with 20 4 year olds is a VERY long time.


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