5 down…

16 Mar

…15 more to go. I finished 2 more blocks of my granny squares quilt tonight making a total of 5 completed blocks. We put the boys to bed early since they didn’t take naps, well, I should say attempted to put them down early. They played until we finally took Caleb out of the room so that Gav could fall asleep, so during that time I decided to whip out a couple blocks. If I make at least 2 blocks a night I can finish them in 7ish days, maybe even have the quilt top completed in a week and a half if I hunker down and just sew. That means I need to get on it and order my Pearl cotton to hand quilt this baby. Right now it’s on sale on Joann.com so I’ll probably be placing that order tomorrow!

Funny story to share-at least I think it’s funny. The other morning Caleb woke up and said he had to go to the bathroom around 7ish. So I hear him go into the bathroom, close the door, flush the toilet and I think maybe I dozed off for a few minutes because the next thing I heard was Gav in his room yelling. I thought hmmm, he usually doesn’t do that unless he is alone in his room. So immediately I know Caleb must be up to something because he is quiet and obviously not in his room like he’s supposed to be. So as I’m getting up I’m calling his name and I hear him walking out of the kitchen saying “What mommy?” all sweet and guilty like. I ask him what he was doing and he said nothing. I had my suspicion as to what he was doing so I told him to open his mouth and sure enough, inside his mouth stuck in his teeth are little flecks of chocolate cookie. He had moved a chair to the cupboards and gotten a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie out from where I had put them the night before, which he had seen me do. I couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed too, more out of relief that I wasn’t mad. How can you get mad at that? As soon as I told my hubby what he did we had a good laugh and he laughingly told Caleb that he can’t do that. I was just glad he had only eaten One cookie as opposed to the whole box because those are my favorite cookies and I would have been bummed if he hadn’t left me any!


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