A whole mess of updates

28 Mar

Wow, there is so much to catch up on! It’s been an extremely busy past week for us here, I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the results of Gav’s speech assessment at the Regional Center. He has expressive speech delay. That’s it. They said he’s very smart, plays appropriately with toys, and they were impressed with how much he knows. He just doesn’t want to speak. Luckily the Regional Center will take us on we just have to get a letter from our insurance and our next step is a parent class on the 11th next month. We were also told to shorten our commands to Gav into one word, for example instead of asking him, “do you want juice?” we just ask “juice?”. It’s taking some getting used to but I feel I’m already seeing a little improvement. I have to admit I am extremely relieved to find out there is actually nothing wrong with his hearing, or anything serious really. I didn’t know how worried I was until my hubby came out of the meeting and gave me the news.

Last week we also made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the Bake Sale at Caleb’s talent show. Caleb helped me put all the ingredients together and when he saw me plug in the electric mixer he told me only adults use that not kids. Such a smart boy. I took pictures of the whole process but didn’t like how they turned out. So here are the 3 that made the cut.

Ready to go into the oven. Caleb wanted to eat them and didn’t quite understand at first that they needed to be cooked before eating.

Nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies! The boys could hardly wait for them to cool. I had to guard the cooling cookies so little hands didn’t reach up and snag a cookie.

He actually waited while I took this picture to take a bite. That’s a lot of self control for a 4 year old. That was our first cookie baking experience together and I don’t think I’ll ever make them alone again. It was so much fun and the boys had such a good time helping and then of course eating!

Next on the update list is Caleb’s Talent Show! The kids were so great and some of their talents were amazing considering they are all 4 and 5 year olds. The theme was Lights, Camera, Action! so they had a little star walk in the hallway leading to the auditorium with their pictures and hand prints.

Sorry for the poor picture, I was taking a picture of a picture, but you can still see how adorable he is! One of the Co-op mom’s came to the school and took pictures like this of all the kids. Caleb was on the stage many times thanks to his daddy signing him up for group numbers. His whole class performed their Teddy Bear class song, he sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider with some friends, rocked out on his guitar to a song daddy picked, and then sang the goodbye song they all sing at the end of class. I was so proud of him that he didn’t get stage fright and he was smiling and everything. I got a little teared up which may be why some of the pictures I took were blurry, that and the horrible lighting and lack of backlighting made a majority of pictures too dark. Here’s the best one.

Daddy was hanging out on the side of the stage where they came on to encourage him and help him rock out. Even though none of us really knew what we were doing and it was a little chaotic, it was such a blast and the kids had such a good time. I loved seeing him onstage performing and can’t wait until next year’s Talent show! Hopefully next year it will be in a larger space and we’ll be able to invite more than 3 people.

The next day it poured cats and dogs and with Cha Cha in town the park was out of the question. So what’s the next best thing? Adventure Plex in Manhattan Beach! We went and had lunch and then made our way to the indoor playground and when we got there were told we had to wait 30 minutes because they had reached their capacity. Looked like everyone had the same idea we had, that and it was Sunday. So we waited and when we finally got to go in the boys were so excited. They have a huge, I don’t even know what to call it…maze type thing that goes up a couple stories with a slide, ball pit, and levels of obstacles for the bigger kids, and then a little area for the 3 and under crowd that had a small slide, ball pit, and soft toys. For a little while Caleb played in there with Gav until someone was coming around telling everyone the older kids couldn’t be in there. Boo.

After figuring out the balls weren’t going to swallow him up, he got brave and started jumping. There’s Cha Cha in the background.

Can you tell his hair is drenched with sweat? Towards the end Caleb was up in that maze thing and a party of older kids let out into the room and flooded the maze. I think Caleb panicked a little with the sheer volume of kids in there and the fact that he was alone. I saw him looking down and I called to him and as soon as he saw me his face crumbled and I could see the panic in his face and voice. He told me he wanted to get down but he didn’t know how and started crying. I almost lost it. I got that helpless feeling, like here’s my baby, trapped, and I can’t get to him. So as calmly as I could, fighting my own tears, I directed him to the exit. I had to keep telling him to look at me because as soon as he lost sight of me I could see him starting to panic and losing his way. When he finally got to where I could reach him he jumped into my arms and said he was scared and cried a little and said he didn’t want to be there anymore. After that we went to the Basketball courts and let the kids run around while daddy and i played a mini game of horse-we forgot to keep score tho. Then the boys moved to a quiet area where they put together a floor puzzle with Cha Cha and pretended to read the magazines Caleb called his homework. After we were all exhausted we left for home, but not before I tried to get a photography shot in.

These colorful chairs were lined up along the wall waiting to be filled. While before I wasn’t editing my pictures I have started to. I don’t have Photoshop yet, but I found a great free editing site PicMonkey by some of the people who had created Picnik and I absolutely LOVE it! Right now everything is free, not sure when they will start charging but I might want to subscribe when they do because it’s so easy and awesome.  There is so much you can do, at least for some one like me who knows very little about photo editing. I figure I can learn some basics and then hopefully upgrade to Photoshop in the future. Here’s another picture I got that day looking out a window at the rainy day.

Well, that’s about it I think. Of course there are sewing updates but I think I’ll save that for later tonight or possibly tomorrow since I’m basically off, working the opening shift getting off at 9 am pretty much counts as a day off in my book. Hope everyone’s well and it feels good to be back to blogging!


One Response to “A whole mess of updates”

  1. Ryan Young March 28, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    Ooh! I’d freak out too with little Caleb stuck up there! Good job mommy!!


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