23 Apr

I realized today as I started yet another project that I may have a teeny tiny problem. I am always in the middle of a project when I come across something new i simply MUST start that minute, which is why today I have 5 sewing projects going at once. Is this a problem all sewers and quilters have or just me?? I think I better stop starting new projects and finish these 5 first. So I’ll start doing what I see other bloggers doing and designate Wednesday to WIP (works in progress), hopefully that will keep me accountable and help me finish these before starting new ones.

Yesterday after I got off work we took the boys to the park. It was foggy and freezing cold but it was good for the kids to get some energy out and run around. I even got to play with my camera!

The overcast weather made for some good pictures. This was my favorite of the day. And then we tried to set the boys up on a bench for a cute picture but they had other plans. Still came out adorable in my opinion.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday, I know I did. I got to spend it with my boys.



2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Horacio Meza April 24, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    love the pictures! Do they sleep with those hats on 🙂


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