Reverse Psychology

24 Apr

Why does it work?? Seriously. Tonight Gavin just didn’t want to get in bed. He kept whining and getting out of bed each time we put him in. Caleb was ready and was determined to go right to bed, that could be because we told him if he did he could have left over pizza for lunch-don’t tell anyone. So what did we do? I started to say “ok, goodnight, don’t get in bed.” Followed by daddy telling him not to get in bed and not to lay down. What did Gav do? He got in bed. Yep. And now, silence. How is that possible?? Is it because children have some built in desire to do the opposite of what their parents tell them?? Whatever it is I’m just glad they’re in bed and asleep because that means this mamma can relax with a glass of wine and get some hexie sewing done. Happy Tuesday indeed!


One Response to “Reverse Psychology”

  1. mondaybirds April 24, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    so cute! and funny~


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