28 Apr

It’s 10:30am on a Saturday morning. I feel like it could be 4pm already. Here’s the days accomplishments so far:

  • 2 loads of laundry done.
  • house swept
  • house mopped
  • cat litter cleaned
  • trash taken out
  • dishes done
  • kids fed
  • bathroom cleaned
  • number of times we’ve cleaned up the kids toys (so far)- twice

Whew, that seems like a lot! Things left to do today:

  • Put all laundry away (eeww. Who likes folding laundry??)
  • make lunch and dinner
  • entertain kiddos
  • nap time (can’t wait!)
  • break up any fights that will most likely occur throughout the day

Things I’d like to get done today:

  • work on my hexies
  • cut out the rest of the pieces needed for my sewing travel kit
  • go to an Art Show in Downtown LA that a friend has pieces in (all depends on if the hubby gets to leave work a little early)

Really just a typical day here! Hope everyone has a great Saturday, enjoy the beautiful weather!!


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