The Target Effect

31 May

What is it about Target that it is impossible to walk out of there only with what you needed? We went to Target this afternoon because we needed paper towels and baby wipes and it was on our way home. We debated about whether it was smart to venture into temptation and my hubby said it perfectly in the car as we discussed how hard it was to have a “quick” trip into Target “…but I WANT to go down every aisle”. So true. Every single time we have ever gone to Target we have left with more than we needed. We did however get things that we needed like new sippy cups for Gav and a night light for Caleb so that we don’t have to leave the bathroom light on anymore. It was difficult to resist the urge to go down all the aisles and at one point my hubby said “Stop looking” and I hadn’t even realized I was on tip toe trying to see over the low shelving into the next aisle. Yes, it was hard, but this was probably the cheapest trip to Target we have ever had. Score count Mezas:1 Target:1,000,000 (that’s a high estimation lol but everyone knows I like to exaggerate).


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