WiP Wednesday

6 Jun

Well, I don’t have any pictures to show today. I know, lame. I’ve made a little progress on the granny squares quilt and have one whole row now quilted. I haven’t made any progress on the hexies either. It’s started to warm up here and I suspect that is why I’ve slowed down, it’s just too hot to sit down at the machine or have a quilt draped over me in this weather.

I do have an update on Gav’s speech though. He’s only had 2 sessions so far but I have seen such an improvement. He now says “mama kiss” when he wants a kiss which is a big improvement because that’s 2 words together, plus he’s asking me for kisses which I happily oblige! I went to therapy with him on Tuesday and it was neat to watch him learn and see his confidence grow. I really like that they teach sign language as well, and I managed to pick up a little of it and am using it at home to help encourage Gav. Another big improvement that I have seen is that he now calls us mama and dada. He knew that’s who we were but he didn’t actually call us that when he wanted us. Nothing makes my heart soar than to come home and hear his little voice screaming mama as he runs to hug me. I’m also noticing fewer and fewer tantrums as his vocabulary grows which is a major plus as well. I’m sure after a couple months of therapy we won’t be able to get him to stop talking and I’ll say to my hubby, remember when it was only one boy asking why to everything? I can’t wait.

Next week is Caleb’s last week of school and while it will be nice for us to take a break from going there to participate twice a month, I know I will be excited for him to go back at the end of August. Now is a good time for us to plan a little camping trip and I need to search for some activities to keep the kids entertained and learning during the summer break. And now I’m going to go and watch my favorite summer show So You Think You Can Dance, Oh how I wish I could dance like some of those kids.


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