WiP Wednesday

20 Jun

We are back safe and sound from our little weekend Father’s Day trip to San Jose. We had such a good time, and we ate a ton of yummy Peruvian food, took lots of pictures, and stayed up way past our bed time every night. I have so many pictures to sort through and will probably break them up into two posts, one for Father’s day itself, and another for the trip the hubby and I took into San Francisco without the kiddos. Onto what I came here for today, my works in progress. I have finished cutting up my squares and rectangles for my plus quilt

If I’m going to make this quilt bed size (yikes, that means King) then I will have to cut more fabric. But I figured this gives me a good start because I really dislike the cutting part of quilting. Maybe I will get at least one block pieced tonight, we’ll see. I’m still stitching away at my granny squares quilt, haven’t actually made any progress since last week since we were gone all weekend. And here’s what arrived while we were gone

My Vintage Modern charm pack and my scrap bag full of awesome fabric. I cannot wait to use some of these prints! Here they are all spread out

Some of these pieces are pretty big, and only one i think was on the smaller side. All in all I am super happy with what I received. I got these on Etsy from spice berry cottage and i highly recommend this shop. I placed my order on a Tuesday and it was delivered Saturday same week. Wow. That’s fast! While I was gone Fabricworm was having an inventory clearance to make room for new collections, so of course I grabbed some prints I’ve been wanting, like Flea Market Fancy!! I’m so excited! I got 6 half yard cuts of my favorite prints and a half yard cut of an American Jane, School Days print. My stash is definitely  growing!

And last up on my works in progress is my photo a day challenge. Here are the past 10 shots

9. Your view today (and everyday really) 10. Best bit of your weekend (usually is) 11. Door (why yes, those are Christmas decorations, what?) 12. From a low angle 13. Art (a key chain Caleb made my hubby for Father’s day) 14. Time (P90X/Insanity time!) 15. Yellow 16. OUt and about (in my hubby’s old Fairlane that his dad fixed up) 17. In your bag 18. Something we don’t know about you (I believe in God and I support gay marriage) 19.Imperfect (shot of me after my Insanity workout)

And that’s it folks! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully by tomorrow I will have some pictures from our weekend adventure to post.


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