Flea Market Fancy and Treasure Island

25 Jun

Oh how I love this line of fabric!! This and Vintage Modern have to be my favs right now. I just may be spending the rest of my mother’s day money getting my hands on some more Vintage Modern charms and possibly some Fat Quarters…Here is what came in the mail over the weekend

Fabricworm was having a sale so I managed to get some half yard cuts of my favorite FMF prints. I love it so much I don’t want to cut them! I also began creating a logo to start sewing into the things I make, I finally feel like it’s time to make that next step. Never did I think a year ago when I started sewing my first quilt that I would be making a logo for myself and that I would be so addicted to sewing! I just wish I could quit my job and stay home and create all day! Well, it wouldn’t be all day long since the boys occasionally let me get in a minimum of 45 minutes of sewing time during daylight hours, but once Gav is in school free time will be something my hubby and I will for the first time in almost 5 years have once again! Gasp!

Not only did I manage to get some time measuring and cutting fabric for some more wallet organizers, but I also managed to edit a couple pictures from our trip. Have you ever heard of Treasure Island in San Fran? It’s an old naval base that is now used sometimes for film sets (Trauma was filmed here), has some wineries, and housing, and some creepy activity.

Anybody remember that show Trauma? This is where the helicopters took off from on the show. I did a little research into Treasure Island when we got home due to all the creepiness and horror movie feelings this place evoked and I found out that there was testing done here back in the day both for fire training, and training for nuclear decontamination…and there was a training school for Nuclear, Radiological, and Chemical Warfare. The island’s soil is contaminated with toxic substances and is undergoing environmental clean up, which we actually saw happening. I got creeped out when we drove by a fenced off area with two men (?) dressed in full contamination gear (think ET when the government guys come in to isolate ET and Elliot) and were sorting through piles of dirt and we saw on the fence one of those Caution Radiation signs. That was the moment I thought maybe we weren’t supposed to be there, rest assured it was ok that we were there. I think. There were a lot of old abandoned buildings, some of them falling apart.

After I took this picture a man came into the window and looked out at us and I almost screamed. I didn’t need to be scared (he had blue prints in his hands not a chainsaw) but the whole island was so creepy and I kept feeling like we were doing something wrong so he freaked me out for a minute. Continuing on our drive through the island we came to a sign that sent chills up my spine.

It’s obviously not real, but it definitely added to the horror movie quality of the island. In my mind I kept thinking of movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. We kept driving and came to housing that looked like project housing. I found out later they basically are and upon signing a lease to one of these places you have to sign a form that says you  won’t plant anything edible in the soil, remember the soil is contaminated here. We came to an area of the housing that was fenced off with Radiation signs posted all along the fence.

People are living right next to these fenced off abandoned houses!! It seems crazy that anyone would choose to live next to this, I know I would be freaked out and gone in a heartbeat! I did read somewhere that occasionally the ground does leak contaminated gasses which may have been what happened here. The houses had weeds and stuff growing out of the roofs, I didn’t get any pictures because at this point I told my hubby to get us out of there. Obviously there are things going on on this island that aren’t being said and my mind starts to make up all kinds of crazy theories. It was definitely an interesting island and I would love to go back to take some more pictures someday. The one non creepy thing about the island was the awesome view of San Francisco.

The Bay Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

It was a fun little adventure and I’m glad we got the opportunity to be spontaneous!




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