iPhone fun

31 Jul

I’m having issues with WordPress tonight…I just finished a post and when I tried to post it I kept getting a failure notice. Boo. OH well, let’s start over. This afternoon I had some fun with my iPhone camera, tadaa, and LINE camera. I really love playing with this little phone camera. Here are my shots from today.

This one is from LINE camera, a free photo editing and sharing app. The rest were taken and edited in tadaa, a free photo editing and sharing app that is a lot like Instagram but with a lot more filters and frames to choose from.


There are people out there who discount iPhone photography. I see photography as anything with a camera that involves creativity and while an iPhone is limited, you still have to compose a shot and use lighting. There is not as much skill involved, but you still need a good eye. I love my iPhone and I’ve gotten some amazing shots with it. I also love my Nikon DSLR and I’m still learning to use many of it’s functions. I just think that people need to not take themselves so seriously and just realize that people want to have fun and you can get beautiful artistic shots with an iPhone as well.

Because I have Olympic fever I have not gotten any sewing done. I did get out this afternoon and pick up some Alexander Henry fabric that I have been loving for awhile now, and the best part was that I had a 40% off coupon! Winning!

And now I must go to put down my little Bug so that I can find out how the USA women fair in the gymnastics team final, and see if Michael Phelps can bring home another gold in the men’s 2oom fly.




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