Sunday funday!

7 Oct

I didn’t get a chance to get together photos of the past month. Blah. Instead after I got home from work today I cleaned up my sewing area and reorganized the fabric a bit. That took awhile. Then while my hubby was talking to my in-laws (Happy Birthday again to my Father in-law!) my MIL asked if I could send her in addition to the 3 crayon rolls she had previously asked for,  as many as I could make before the 28th for a festival her church is having. So I pulled a bunch of fabrics and starting cutting. I managed to prepare 11 rolls for sewing before Gavin came in crying that his tummy hurt. It was kinda strange because he was fine and then all of a sudden he said his tummy hurt and he was crying and every time we touched his belly he said it hurt and cried more. So what did we do? My hubby got him in the car and took him to the ER. The doc said he seems fine and that he doesn’t think that he needs to be admitted and checked out, so they are now on their way home. It seems that the sickness that has invaded our home just doesn’t want to leave. Poor Caleb has almost lost his voice completely because of the cold he got.

I’m hoping that tomorrow when we get back from Gav’s speech therapy I’ll be able to get some photos together and have that post started for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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