I love a sale

9 Oct

I cannot resist a good fabric sale. Call me weak, call me a fabricaholic, and you are right on both counts. I just have to say again how much I love my local Japanese fabric store momen plus , they are so sweet and helpful there and they have gorgeous fabrics. All week long they are having different sales to celebrate their 3 year anniversary. Yesterday they had a sample sale, today was the remnant sale, tomorrow is the 3 for $3 fat quarter sale and all week they have 2 tables full of $4.99/yd fabrics, everything is 25% off AND an additional 10% off sale fabrics!! WOW! I find that not only do I have an extreme weakness for sales, but it’s even harder to resist a sale on Japanese imports. Here is what I came home with, the bottom left corner shows everything and then I separated it a little to show off some of the different fabrics.

I am so excited to begin creating!! A lot of these will  be made into crayon rolls, and a few will be used for clutches and then maybe some patchwork projects. I really do have a problem. I also placed an order today for more labels since I went through the little swatch batch so fast. This time I ordered a Fat Quarters worth which should last for awhile, I even got a designers discount since it’s my design! I love Spoonflower!!

In other news, tonight we had our monthly membership meeting for Caleb’s school and thankfully we talked about Kindergarden and Elementary Schools. I am so glad we talked about that because I am so clueless!! We talked a little about Magnet schools, points you have to earn, and a bunch of other things that were so foreign to me. Schools are already accepting applications for the 2013 school year! Yikes! The thing I kept hearing parents say was to start applying to the Magnet schools and keep applying every year, so this week that’s what I’m going to start doing. That and finding out when Open Houses are and making plans to visit all the schools. It’s a lot of work that I didn’t know about! I just can’t believe that Caleb will be in Kindergarden next year and in school 5 days a week. Some times I wish time would move faster, but the older the boys get the more I want time to SLOW down!

That brings me to my next topic. Project Life. Has anyone heard of it? It’s supposed to be a bit of a faster and more day to day way of scrapbooking. I think I want a kit for Christmas so that I can document the little things that happen in our lives everyday. All too soon these boys won’t want to spend the day with their mommy so I want to capture these moments I have with them forever. Its seems doable to me given my time limitations and I don’t need to buy very many things, just the binder, inserts, and core kit which is roughly $60. I found a ton of free printables online and I have a gazillion embellishments gathering dust at the moment. I think if I enlist my hubby to help keep notes and take pictures that I can stay on top of it and get it done. Who knows, maybe it could become a family project? Something to think about….

Now it is time to do a little sewing before the family gets home from the gym and then relax with my book. Happy Tuesday everyone!


2 Responses to “I love a sale”

  1. michelle rayburn October 9, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    outstanding!! pretty soon you’ll pass auntie cathy with all this fabrics!! It’s so cool to see that love of fabrics dna pass to you!!! can’t wait to start shopping all of your amazing creations!!! too bad that gene passed me right on by!! xoxo


    • mammarob October 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

      We’re gonna need a bigger place so I can have my own room! Hoping the shop will be open by the end of the month, I didn’t realize how much work went into opening a shop! ❤


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