Week in Review

19 Oct

Well, I did it again. I forgot to blog. Well actually I didn’t forget I was just busy furiously sewing up some crayon rolls to send to my MIL, 16 of them to be exact. I was busy doing that as well as the usual craziness that goes on in a house full of boys.Be prepared for an onslaught of photos… So I will start with last Wednesday when I participated at Caleb’s school. I remembered to take my phone out and take a few pictures, but forgive me for some of the photos being a little out of focus, 4 year olds move fast.

It was a cooking day!

I was art mom so I managed to get Caleb to create some masterpieces

small circle time (half the class) with Miss Anna Marie

show and tell

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I love Caleb’s preschool. Being at a Co-Op is such an amazing experience. I have been able to witness Caleb grow and learn and have been given such an opportunity to play a role in that. These years fly by so fast and I am grateful to be able to be so active in this stage of his life. Co-Ops aren’t for everyone as there is a high level of participation required, but I love it and have found myself becoming more active in other aspects of the school this year. I can’t wait for Gavin to start next fall.

Last Saturday we had a family date night at Islands and then Sunday marked the first ever Sunday Family Fun Night. We cooked together and then watched The Avengers (Caleb’s pick at Redbox). It was definitely  messier than when I cook alone, but it was such a fun experience and the kids loved being able to help out!

Family date night



The kids helped as much as they could making tacos, they added seasoning to the meat, shredded the lettuce, grated the cheese and ate a lot. For the dessert they helped me cut the strawberries, added all the ingredients and mixed everything. They pretty much did all the work except for putting it in the oven. Eating it all was the best part! This week we are having Sundaes for dessert and I’m not sure what we are cooking yet. It was a lot of fun to do this as a family and spend some real quality time together. By the way did anyone notice the wardrobe change? The kids had a bath in between dinner and cooking dessert.

Ok, on to what I have been sewing this past week. Like I said earlier I have been crazy busy stitching up crayon rolls for my MIL but silly me, I forgot to take a picture of them before I shipped them out to her. Oh well. I did take a picture of one and the little tag I made for it with my email and blog addresses on the back. I think this may be something I do from now on. Of course once my Etsy shop goes live that will be on there too.


I made an Emergency Kit for Caleb’s school since the ones they had on hand expired. They said it could be in a ziploc baggie but I just couldn’t resist stitching one up especially for him. He loves cars so i knew I had to use this Echino print paired with a linen-cotton blend. I love the way it came out. Im still figuring out zippers and getting them to look nice and I think I did a decent job. I also made a little tag and stitched his initials on it.


Well, that’s basically my week in a nutshell. And now, I’m going to go sit next to Caleb since the poor little guy has a stomach bug, isn’t feeling well, and just wants his momma with him. Have a great weekend everyone!



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