Quilt Basted!

21 Feb

I was too tired to blog yesterday. I spent my morning/afternoon at Caleb’s school and then the boys both woke up from their naps with fevers. By the time the kids were finally asleep I had time to baste Gav’s quilt and try to relax a little. Sick kids are exhausting. They’ve been running us ragged today. My poor hubby woke up to this

photoThat’s vaseline and toilet paper. Funny looking at it now, but it wasn’t so funny for my hubby at 7am. Trying to get these kids to relax and rest to get better is next to impossible. This moment right now as I type this might be the first quiet moment we’ve had in the house all day. Toy Story 2 is on and they seem to be captivated-that is until a commercial comes on. So I better type fast.

Last night I managed to get Gav’s quilt basted and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to start quilting it tonight. We’ll see how much energy I have after dinner and our night time routine is finished. Here’s what it looked like on my floor last night

20. Where I stood. Let's get this baby basted! #fmsphotoaday
This is my least favorite part of quilting. #quilt #sewing #robbynsnest

I don’t know about anyone else, but basting a quilt has to be my least favorite part of the whole process. My living room floor is the best place to lay out my quilts but that also means i’m on my hands and knees crouched down and that’s no bueno for the back. At least it’s not a huge quilt. Now that it’s basted I’m anxious to finish it up and put it on Gav’s bed before it gets too warm for him to use it.

Before I lose this rare quiet moment I’ll end this with one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken at Caleb’s school so far. This is Caleb’s best friend. This is why Preschool is so fun. And lucky me, I get to experience it with him. Happy Thursday everyone!



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