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Valentine’s and a Birthday Weekend

19 Feb

Last weekend was insane! Good insane though, just really busy and action packed. The weekend for me started off relaxing to a 90 minute massage my brother in law treated me to from The Zen Mama. She came to my house while the kids were in school last Thursday and gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had! My back and sciatica pain are gone! I still feel nice and loose and if you know someone who lives in the South Bay and is pregnant, I highly recommend Zen Mama! Friday was our first busy day with it being Valentine’s Day. With the help of my hubby and Caleb I was able to make 46 felt hearts and have them stuffed with chocolates and bagged up with a Valentine’s card for the boys classes.

valentines goodies

Caleb was able to write his name in all of his cards this year and helped me fold them and sticker them closed. I’ve made these felt hearts for the past 2 years while Caleb was in preschool and this year making them for 2 classes was a challenge! I’d never had to make more than 20 before. Later that day my Mother in Law flew in and took the boys out to a special Valentine’s dinner while the hubby and I went to a friends restaurant, C&M Cafe in Los Angeles where for the night she did a pop up dinner and served gourmet food. It. was. amazing. Not only was it nice to get out on a date with my hubby, but it was so nice to eat food that our kids would never touch. Adult food. After eating dinner there we are anxious to go back during normal business hours to eat some of the amazing food on the menu.

Saturday was Caleb’s 6th birthday. I can’t believe my baby is 6 years old. It blows my mind. We started the day out as a family going to eat breakfast in Hermosa Beach and then asked Caleb what he wanted to do. Without hesitation he said Chuck E. Cheese. So off we went to let the kids run wild and play games. Later that night we went to Blaze Pizza and got to create our own pizzas! Then we came home to sing Happy Birthday and have some ice cream cake, yum!!

caleb's birthday

That face!! He’s such a sweet handsome little guy. I’d say he had a pretty good birthday full of fun, except the celebration continued the next day with his Uncle Jerry coming into town to go with us to Boomer’s in Irvine. This place was crazy!! They have go-carts, mini golf, laser tag, arcade, batting cages, and more. Everyone went on the go-carts first which I had to sit out, but at least I got a couple of cute pictures of the boys.

go-cart racing with Daddy

go-cart racing with Uncle Jerry

Talk about fun! Gav had a huge smile on his face every time he went by me, it was adorable! We then played the kids first ever game of mini golf. That was interesting. I helped Gav on the first hole and managed to score him a hole in one, after that he more or less played on his own. It took them quite a few holes to figure out the rules but towards the end they started to understand they had to wait their turn. I ended up winning by 1 point with my hubby and his friend tying for second. I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed so hard while playing mini golf, but everyone was cracking me up! Especially my MIL, I had no idea she was so competitive! After spending all afternoon there we came home to have some yummy home cooked Peruvian food by my MIL. We were all pooped and tried to watch a little of the Olympics but we all just wanted to sleep. We went out to breakfast the next day and then my MIL had to go home. It was a busy weekend, but we all had so much fun. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s (yes I know i’m late on that), and are having a great week so far! I’ll leave you with my latest belly shot, courtesy of my 4 year old photographer-who still cuts off my head in every shot.

31weeks pregnant


It’s love day!

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! We didn’t actually do anything today to celebrate, but then again we usually don’t on Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow we will be going to dinner to celebrate Monkey’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe he is 4 tomorrow. Where did all the time go? He recently learned how to spell his name all by himself which is pretty exciting. I wish I could say the same for his ABCs but he just dosen’t have the patience to get through the whole alphabet quite yet. Today the kids at Monkey’s preschool gave out Valentine’s to each other, he came home with a grocery bag full of cards and candy. Here’s what I put together for him to take

I was really happy with how the hearts came out and I left one slightly open for the photos sake. Today my “Starbucks” dad came in and brought us some cupcakes.

He’s so sweet, he went all the way to Vanilla Bakeshop in Century City to get these. They are so yummy!

Last night I also started piecing together some hexagons, I seem to have caught the bug. They look really hard and time consuming because they are all hand stitched but are actually pretty easy once you get started and I like being able to do that on the couch while watching tv. I’ve been googling hexagon quilts all day long dreaming of the fabric I want to get to fussy cut. Here’s the mini stack I did last night, I actually did a lot more but we were watching season 2 of the Walking Dead until 12:30am and I didn’t get another picture in.

If anyone is curious or interested in reading some tutorials that explain how to do this I will post them tomorrow. The hubby is trying to get me off the computer so we can watch some more Walking Dead. The best part of doing these is that you don’t need a sewing machine. You  basically do it all by hand!

Camera strap

11 Feb

Last night I whipped up a camera strap I found here. There are some other great tutorials I want to try out on her blog. This was really easy and came together in about an hour. It’s nice and comfy against my neck as well. I love that there’s a pocket to put my lens in while I’m shooting.

Now if only I can get that dang iPhone sleeve the way I want it…It’s taking a bit of time because I’m trying to make my own design so that I can sell them. It’s a lot harder than it seems.

Sit With Me

10 Feb

Here we are, day 4 of my photography quest.

I may have to start an album with more pictures because I’m finding that as I take more photos, I have a harder time picking just one. This was again shot using Aperture priority, F5.6, shutter 1/4000. I took this picture later in the day, around 4ish. Here’s a black and white I shot that I like as well.

Opposite side of the bench. Aperture Priority again, f16, shutter 1/1000. Shooting it in black and white just sort of made it feel lonelier to me.


In crafty news, I sewed up a new iPhone sleeve tonight. It’s not perfect but it was my tester just to see if my measurements were correct. I really like it and think if I can manage to get it even and straight it will be perfect for men! And women if I switch the fabric. I’m going to give it another go tonight to see if I can get it right. I sewed my first button hole as well tonight and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m not sure why I get so scared of button holes and zippers, all it takes is a little practice and research! Hopefully I will have made a better one tonight so that I can post a picture of it tomorrow. Time to put Monkey to bed so mommy can sew!

Easiest day in a while

8 Feb

This was such a nice Wednesday. Why? Because my hubby was off work with me! Since he was scheduled Super Bowl Sunday, a day which he is unavailable to  work because I do but was scheduled anyway, he was off today. It was such an easy day! Waking up at 7am is different when he’s still here with me. He went and got our taxes done this morning nice and early and while he was gone I cleaned the house and did laundry while the boys played in their room. When Daddy got home he built a train track in the boys room and they played in there until lunch time which meant mommy got to relax a little. So I snuck outside and took this picture

These are the little heart pouches I made last night. I realized tonight that I also need to make cupcakes for Monkey to take to school Tuesday as his birthday is the next day. These kids are gonna be all sugared up when they go home from school Tuesday lol. Sadly the Preschool also scheduled our monthly membership meeting that is mandatory on Valentines evening. Seriously??!! Who does that? It’s not like we are going anywhere or have reservations, but I would like to have a nice dinner at home and cuddle with my love instead of eating a rushed meal and then cramming myself into a tiny chair listening about what’s happening next month. Boo. I only hope they get us out of there fast.

This afternoon after we all woke up from our naps I dopped the hubby and kids off at the UFC gym and I headed to SAS Fabrics and got a lot of fabric all for $20!

The two at the bottom I think are jersey knits. Not totally sure as it was all just in piles. I love that SAS has fabric by the pound, which is probably why I love the Michael Levine loft in Downtown LA-if you haven’t been yet you need to go! Buying fabric always gets me so excited to sew and I just love when I can show my hubby everything I got and then to be able to shock him with the low price. My next trip will be to Momen + in old Torrance. I saw them on Yelp and got really excited when I saw the pictures they had up…all kinds of Japanese fabrics from traditional to Kawaii, and I will probably end up buying some the Echino fabrics I’ve been dying to buy.

All in all today really finally felt like I had a day off.

Valentine’s craft

7 Feb

After a day of looking through Pinterest, I added many, many projects to my to do list. One of them was this cute tutorial from the Purl Bee that can be found here. It’s a really cute, easy project that can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Here’s the one I made

Sorry about the picture lol, I had to use my iPhone so it’s not the best. I plan on making about 19 more for Monkey to take to Preschool with him Tuesday to give to his classmates. You can’t really tell in this photo but these make a little pocket that you can stuff things into, I plan on putting little conversation hearts in them. The best part is that these are so cheap to make! The felt I used was 34cents a sheet, the DMC pearl cotton was a little over 1$, and the pattern is free! So go whip some up for the Valentine’s in your life!

Super Bowl let down

5 Feb

I confess I have never really watched the Super Bowl. Sure it’s on our tv every year, but I never paid any attention to it until this year. My hubby’s team is the 49ers and they had a good season this year. I found myself becoming a fan 2 weeks ago when they had the playoffs and I was rooting for the 49ers to win. I didn’t realize how invested I was in the game until they lost in overtime. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about the game, so much so that I actually understood a good amount of what was happening in the game today. So, maybe after 31 years of not caring I’ve finally become a football fan. I have to admit I really didn’t care who won, but I found myself rooting for the Patriots and was bummed when they couldn’t pull off a touch down in the last 50 seconds of the game. Side note:  what about Betty White in that commercial for The Voice? I LOVE her. Seriously. I want to have her over for dinner. My sister and I met her once when we were little girls, she took her dog to the same Vet we did. She was really nice, and pet our dog and everything. Too bad I didn’t know what a true comedic genius she was back then.  I have to say I really missed having the hubby home to watch the game with us. It just didn’t feel complete watching football with the boys and daddy being at work.

After dinner while I was cleaning up my hubby asked Monkey if he wanted to play football. He said no, so my hubby asked what if Bug played football? Monkey said he would have to be on the same team then so he could protect his baby brother. If they did play on the same team, I’m pretty sure Bug would never get tackled because Monkey would always be there to make sure he was safe. That was a proud mommy moment to hear him say that.

In other news, I quilted (only a few lines) and bound my little embroidery teapot trivet. I won’t be using it as a trivet as we don’t have a cute little teapot to put on it, so I thought I would let the boys have it and they could use it when they play with their kitchen.

I finished the binding today on my break at work. I really love this and how fast and easy it came together. I also  need to get to work on this quilt I started, but cutting all the fabric is so tedious and my least favorite part of the whole process. I need to get some charm packs and make a quilt from those so I won’t have to do much cutting. Maybe the boys will entertain themselves tomorrow long enough for me to get some cutting done. Bug is back to normal health wise so maybe I will get a little break. I bet if we go play outside in the morning it will get a lot of energy out and they will be a little calmer during the day, plus it’s supposed to rain Tuesday so we should enjoy the sun while we can.