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30 Oct


I did it again. Went over a week without blogging. Bad Robyn! I’ve noticed that while I have more free time these days I have been spending a lot more of that time with my family and sewing. Blogging takes time and instead of sitting down at the computer we’ve been trying to do more family things. If I’m sporadic in my postings I’m sorry, but our days have been packed  jam full and with the holidays coming up they are getting even busier. I will try to blog at least a few times a week and schedule some time into my days to devote a little more time to the Nest. I have a lot to share tonight and I’m doing it while cooking dinner, not an easy task. So here we go!

A couple weeks ago now we had a little photo shoot with one of my hubby’s friends who is in Photography school right now. He had an assignment to do portraits and thought of us,  nice right? Just in time for sending out holiday cards! Here are a few of my favorites. *Disclaimer-I edited these photos myself…I’m still learning how to use the burn and dodge tools and how to make them blend in, so instead of sitting at the computer for hours playing with it lightening shadows and all that jazz, I used effects. I am just too impatient to wait to get the edited photos from my hubby’s friend and don’t have the time to fully edit them myself.


DSC_0059It is so hard to get pictures where we are ALL looking at the camera and smiling. We did get some great shots and I look forward to blowing some of these up and framing them for the house. We took a  lot more pictures but I just wanted to show my favorites. I seriously love some of these. Gosh, I sure am lucky.

Since tomorrow is Halloween I may not have a post together but I am working on a couple of posts that I will try to finish before the weekend. I  feel like I’ve sewn a ridiculous  amount of things, at least to me, and I still need to take some pictures of them to get them on the blog and Etsy shop. I should have the better part of tomorrow morning to get a jump on it since Caleb will be in school and it’ll just be me and Gavin. And now I must go so that I can be productive and sew more crayon rolls while everyone is at the gym. See ya soon!



Week in Review

19 Oct

Well, I did it again. I forgot to blog. Well actually I didn’t forget I was just busy furiously sewing up some crayon rolls to send to my MIL, 16 of them to be exact. I was busy doing that as well as the usual craziness that goes on in a house full of boys.Be prepared for an onslaught of photos… So I will start with last Wednesday when I participated at Caleb’s school. I remembered to take my phone out and take a few pictures, but forgive me for some of the photos being a little out of focus, 4 year olds move fast.

It was a cooking day!

I was art mom so I managed to get Caleb to create some masterpieces

small circle time (half the class) with Miss Anna Marie

show and tell

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I love Caleb’s preschool. Being at a Co-Op is such an amazing experience. I have been able to witness Caleb grow and learn and have been given such an opportunity to play a role in that. These years fly by so fast and I am grateful to be able to be so active in this stage of his life. Co-Ops aren’t for everyone as there is a high level of participation required, but I love it and have found myself becoming more active in other aspects of the school this year. I can’t wait for Gavin to start next fall.

Last Saturday we had a family date night at Islands and then Sunday marked the first ever Sunday Family Fun Night. We cooked together and then watched The Avengers (Caleb’s pick at Redbox). It was definitely  messier than when I cook alone, but it was such a fun experience and the kids loved being able to help out!

Family date night



The kids helped as much as they could making tacos, they added seasoning to the meat, shredded the lettuce, grated the cheese and ate a lot. For the dessert they helped me cut the strawberries, added all the ingredients and mixed everything. They pretty much did all the work except for putting it in the oven. Eating it all was the best part! This week we are having Sundaes for dessert and I’m not sure what we are cooking yet. It was a lot of fun to do this as a family and spend some real quality time together. By the way did anyone notice the wardrobe change? The kids had a bath in between dinner and cooking dessert.

Ok, on to what I have been sewing this past week. Like I said earlier I have been crazy busy stitching up crayon rolls for my MIL but silly me, I forgot to take a picture of them before I shipped them out to her. Oh well. I did take a picture of one and the little tag I made for it with my email and blog addresses on the back. I think this may be something I do from now on. Of course once my Etsy shop goes live that will be on there too.


I made an Emergency Kit for Caleb’s school since the ones they had on hand expired. They said it could be in a ziploc baggie but I just couldn’t resist stitching one up especially for him. He loves cars so i knew I had to use this Echino print paired with a linen-cotton blend. I love the way it came out. Im still figuring out zippers and getting them to look nice and I think I did a decent job. I also made a little tag and stitched his initials on it.


Well, that’s basically my week in a nutshell. And now, I’m going to go sit next to Caleb since the poor little guy has a stomach bug, isn’t feeling well, and just wants his momma with him. Have a great weekend everyone!


Beach Day!!

7 Aug

Yesterday was my hubby’s Birthday and he wanted to go to the beach so after what felt like an eternity, we were finally all packed up and ready to drive down to the beach. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking today.

Chillin eatin a snack

Gavin and Daddy

Face plant in the sand trying to tackle Daddy


The day began a little rocky with hold up after hold up, but all in all we had a lot of fun at the beach! Sunday night we surprised my hubby with a chocolate cake, a happy birthday banner we made, and a birthday card made by the boys. Caleb was so excited for his daddy to come home and see the surprises we made for him. As soon as my hubby walked in the door Caleb told him to close his eyes, led him to the kitchen, and then told him to open his eyes and yelled “Surprise Dada, we made you a cake!” I know we’ve been saying it for the past couple days, but I want to say again to my hubby, Happy Birthday! I love you and look forward to the many more birthdays we will celebrate together.

A little catch up

28 Jul

I started to write a post yesterday in the heat of the moment and then realized today that in order to be a better person, I should delete it and start fresh. I am deleting yesterday afternoon’s events from my life and am starting fresh today. I try not to live in the past despite the fact that about once a year it tries to invade my life and cause chaos, I try to always focus on the things and people that I have in my life instead of the things and people that are not in my life. I woke up this morning to find my husband laying in bed with me and the words he said to me, simple as they are, made me smile, on my face and deep in my soul. He said “I’m still home”. I know, the words may not mean anything to anyone else reading this, but to me they meant more than him just being physically here. He is my home. My two boys are my home. The heartbreak and events of the past, both good and bad, have shaped me into who I am today, and as difficult as times may have been, I’m a better Mother and Wife because of them. While both my parents choose not to be a part of my life, I do have to thank them for the lessons I have learned. I am a stronger person because of them. I’m lucky that I didn’t let my past define who I became, but instead made myself the opposite. I have realized that I  no longer stand alone, I have a husband to protect and stand up for me, and two wonderful boys who love me more than anyone ever has. That is enough for me.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I’ve come to view this blog not only as a place to show my creative side, but also as a diary of my journey through life. So now let’s lighten the mood and look at what I’ve been up to this week.

I finished the crayon rolls that I had precut. I ended up having to redo 2 roll’s topstitching because I had some issues with the corners, so I changed to a walking foot and had no problems. I’m very happy with how these came out and am thinking that for Caleb’s birthday at school this year I will make these for his classmates instead of taking sweets. Ambitious, I know, but if I get started now there’s no pressure. I also finished another bracelet yesterday.

I love these bracelets so much!! They are so easy to make and I love a good portable project that can be done outside while the boys swim and play. And here’s what we’ve been up to lately in pictures.


Have a great weekend everyone!

At last!!

21 Jul

After searching and searching all over the internet and our local stores we have finally located the pool that we want to buy! We have to drive a ways to get it, but it will be totally worth it this afternoon when we’re splashing around. My hubby even had them hold us one to ensure we are able to get it today. This has been quite a chore finding a pool in mid July, apparently stores get them in March and then don’t restock them once they sell out. While the kids were outside playing in the back I was able to get some fabric cut for 4 crayon rolls and i pulled fabric to make more camera wristlets. So far it’s been a productive Saturday for us!


16 Jul

wow. I’m still here, I promise. I guess I got into a little funk and forgot about blogging. I feel like so much has happened and nothing at all has happened. I don’t much feel like doing anything when the weather gets hot and muggy, all i want to do is sit so that no body part is touching another and wallow in misery. To top it all of the boys got sick last week, fevers when it’s 90+ outside is no fun for anyone, and then I caught their colds middle of last week. I’ve pretty much been laying around trying to get better, and thanks to my loving hubby who let me sleep 4 1/2 hours Sunday afternoon, I feel much better. Still stuffed up, but better. Despite the fact that I was feeling particularly lousy Friday afternoon, I did make it to my local fabric shop Momen+ for their Friday the 13th sale. Here’s what I picked up

The sale they were having that day only was 13 fat quarters for $13. Score!! Normally fat quarters there go for $2.50 so this was almost like getting them for free. Well, actually i sort of did. I sold a bracelet I made to a girl at work and made $13 which I then used to buy these lovelies. Some of these fat quarters will be used to make crayon rolls, and other little goodies I hope to start selling in the very near future. The bracelet I made for my coworker was inspired by the Chan Luu bracelets that are in style right now. Here’s an example of one that I made last week for myself.

A bracelet like this retails for around $75 and I made mine for roughly $5. NOt too shabby. I made one for the 4th of July using hemp and seed beads that wraps 3 times around in red, white, and blue but the picture of it is on my phone and I haven’t gotten around to transfering those photos onto the computer yet, but here is my inspiration for it. Already I have requests for 3 more! Woo hoo! Since I’ve been feeling better today not only was I able to finally get some cleaning done around the house, but I managed to get some sewing in as well.

It’s a crayon roll!! I actually made 2 but it was dark when I finished the second. The other one I made I used ribbon instead of the elastic which I think I prefer. These are going into the diaper bag so that whenever we are out and the boys get restless I can whip these out and the boys will hopefully be entertained for more than 5 minutes. P.S. did you notice my white background in my pictures? I learned that off of Craftgawker, my new favorite obsession. I just have to figure out how to get rid of those pesky shadows and I’m good to go! I love learning new camera tricks! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week and I promise, I won’t leave for that long again.

WiP Wednesday

27 Jun

Not much to show this Wednesday. It’s been nasty hot in our house and I’ve just been trying to stay cool which means I try to stay away from the iron and draping my granny square quilt over my legs to hand quilt is a no go. Before it got miserable in our house I did manage to make some more plus (or cross if you want) blocks.

There are 2 more to complete the set but I got halfway with one before going to bed the other night. I told my hubby I think I want to make this a king size for our bed and at first he was a little hesitant but then realized it will look a lot better than the blanket we currently use when it’s cold. Not much has been going on here in the way of sewing other than this. I’ve been busy pinning away future projects on Pinterest though and found one in particular that would be awesome to do with the boys. It involves finding fallen leaves still attached to their branches and using them as a template to spray paint onto a canvas. Yeah, that description is kinda vague, sorry it’s late and i’m exhausted. Today we went for a little adventure and walked around this park near our house since they are currently redoing the playground and found some awesome leaves to use and quite a few perfect, yes perfect, pine cones to use for holiday decorations this year. There were a lot of small ones too that would make awesome ornaments. I will definitely write about how we do that along with a tutorial if I find it’s worthy of one. That’s all for now, I have a looooooong day ahead of me tomorrow so I better head off to bed and try to get as much sleep as possible. Happy hump day!