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Road Trip Case

26 Feb


I bought this pattern a few weeks ago from  after I saw the post about it pop up on my Bloglovin feed. My boys are still at that age where they love having their mama sew things for them and I thought this would be perfect for road trips up North and a better way for the boys to keep their many drawing supplies together in a more organized way at home. As a bonus this pattern also came with the rights to sell finished cases! This was my first time sewing with Vinyl and I was a little nervous but using the vinyl foot my sewing machine came with made it so easy.



Once I had everything cut and ready to sew it came together pretty fast. I’ve already started one for Gavin.


Last night I quilted the outside and lining pieces and am hoping to get most of it put together tonight. While I was taking pictures of Caleb and his case Gavin kept trying to creep into the pictures so I told him to smile for me and got this little gem.


 And now that the kids have been fed, showered-yes showered, they tell me they are done with baths because they are big boys now-and in bed I’m going to relax for a little bit and then get to sewing! But before I sign off for the night I’ll leave you with my 32 week belly shot, only this time Gavin my little photographer got my whole body! Yes, I do have a head!!



Has it been almost 1 year??

3 Feb

Has it really been almost a year since I last blogged?? Wow. That is terrible! And understandable. It was a busy year for us, Caleb graduated Preschool and started Kindergarden in the fall. Gavin started Preschool in the fall and has just blossomed, it really blows my mind. We spent many, many, many days at Disneyland enjoying our season passes and I managed to fit in a little sewing here and there but mostly selfish sewing. I got a little overwhelmed in the fall when Caleb started Kinder because I had no idea how busy our days would become. From waking up around 6:30am, getting breakfast made, lunch packed, everyone dressed and dropped off by 8:15, entertaining Gavin when he wasn’t at school, picking up Caleb at 2:30, homework, a little play time, clean up, dinner, bath, bed, I was exhausted. Turned out I may have been tired for an entirely different reason as we found out in September that we would be welcoming another little bundle of joy into our family. And here we are 29 weeks later, closer to welcoming our third son into this crazy family.


Only 11 weeks to go, give or take, and only 9 more weeks left of work-so close! I didn’t sew for a good 3 months due to having morning sickness that lasted all day and peaked at night around 5pm. Unfortunately for me the sight of my sewing machine and fabric made me nauseous and claustrophobic.  I think what finally snapped me out of it was my desire to finish Gav’s birthday quilt before his birthday. If you remember this was supposed to have been for his 3rd birthday but that came and went. It’s finished now and currently resides on Gavin’s bed where he loves to sleep under it.

Gavin's quilt

I love the way this came out and am even happier that Gavin loves it. Lastly I have been sewing up things to help pay off the newest addition to my sewing machine family, a Juki HZL F600. I love her. I made a deal with the hubby since he had found me quite a bit of unclaimed money that I sent in paperwork to get back, that I would use that money towards it (which paid for most of the machine) and I would sell handmade goodies to pay off the rest. I have an amazing husband who knows how much I love to sew and fully supports my desire to pursue it as more than a hobby. I’m still searching which online store I want to open so for now I have them up on my Instagram @robbynsnest. It’s a little hard to part with them because I want them all for myself!


I’m trying to stock up before baby comes in April because Lord knows when he gets here the last thing on my mind for a few weeks will be sewing. Hope you all had a great start to the week and I’ll try not to be such a stranger round here.

Photo Booth Fun!

17 Mar


    Who doesn’t love a Photo Booth? Add some fun props and laugher is sure to follow. I decided to print up some fun props I found on Pinterest to make our own little photo booth for the boys belated birthday party. Poor Gav never got to celebrate his birthday because he was in the hospital so this was a do over for him. I must warn you, this is an extremely photo heavy post, like 20 or so photos. So sit back and enjoy the fun we had in the park!



My hubby and sister


My Aunty Cathy  and Uncle SJ


My Mother in Law, yet another reason she rocks-she knows how to get silly.


Posing with Auntie Care


My Father in Law has got some muscles!! Those kids are HEAVY!


My Brother in Law’s friend, Quique


My Brother in Law, Jeff. Tryin to top my MIL for craziest photo.


Seriously love him.


My silly Brother in Law, Jerry


Too cool for school.


My Aunty Missy and Papa



My Uncle Jimmy


Insanely happy that my Papa was able to come today.




My sister Ryan, her husband and my adorable nephew Jameson.

   All in all I’d have to say the photo booth was a hit. It was a last minute idea that really came together nicely, and now we have some fun pictures to remember the boys birthdays! I leave you with a couple more silly photos. Happy St. Patricks Day!


Keepin it Real

23 Feb


   I love my kids, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes they can just drive me insane. Like pull my hair out, crying in a corner kind of crazy. I like to think I have a lot of patience, but sometimes my little monthly visitor makes patience next to impossible for this mamma. It began early this morning, like before 7am early. Yes, I know for most families this would be considered sleeping in, but for us, that’s early. Gav woke up first and then woke up his brother. Ok. That’s fine, I asked them to keep it down for a little bit and let me wake up. I could hear my neighbor snoring so I knew I had to keep them quiet, no reason for us all to wake up too early on a Saturday. The quiet lasted for about 15 minutes before they got out their large trucks and began driving them everywhere in their room. It sounded like a real truck was driving around in there for all the noise they were making. Finally I got up because they just weren’t keeping it down so I brought them into the living room and made them breakfast. It was going good, they ate, they left to play in their room nicely…or so I thought.

    They were destroying their room. Destroying. And the more I told them to clean, the messier it got. Here’s a little background info, we have been teaching the boys to clean up after themselves since they were very young. They have always had to clean their room and put their toys where they belong, and they know that the mess they make is their responsibility to clean. 95% of the time they play with something, put it back and get something else out because they don’t like to clean (I mean what boy does???). The other 5% of the time they cover every spare inch of their floor with toys, bedding, clothes, whatever they can get their little hands on. And WE always end up having to clean it up because at that point they need help.

    I decided today I wasn’t having it. So I told them that if they want mommy to make them lunch and do things for them, they need to listen to me and help out. ALL they have to do is clean their room. It is almost 4:30pm and their room is no cleaner than it was at noon when I told them to start cleaning. Instead of beating my head against the wall and letting frustration get the best of me, I grabbed some fabric and set out to make myself a new mug rug.


   I bought this Chevron print as a remnant a while ago at M&L Fabrics and thought it would be perfect to use on my mug rug. As soon as I started this project my stress and frustration slipped away. The kids were calm-not cleaning yet, but calm possibly because I was calm. So I kept sewing. And sewing. And asking the boys to clean. Of course every time I told them to clean so they could eat lunch they said “Ok mama!” And went to their room to continue making a mess. Yep. And so now I have a pretty new mug rug and I managed to keep my sanity.


   Of course then I had to make some coffee so I could use it. Who am I kidding, I NEED that second pot of coffee. No nap and it’s getting close to the time when I have to make dinner and the kids STILL have not cleaned their room. I’m not a monster though, I did give them half a sandwich each to inspire them to clean. Have they cleaned since then? Nope. I know we are headed for a bumpy next couple of hours, crankiness is already starting to set in for both boys, no nap can do that to a kid. Maybe that just means I’ll have 2 mug rugs by the end of the day.

Sunday funday!

7 Oct

I didn’t get a chance to get together photos of the past month. Blah. Instead after I got home from work today I cleaned up my sewing area and reorganized the fabric a bit. That took awhile. Then while my hubby was talking to my in-laws (Happy Birthday again to my Father in-law!) my MIL asked if I could send her in addition to the 3 crayon rolls she had previously asked for,  as many as I could make before the 28th for a festival her church is having. So I pulled a bunch of fabrics and starting cutting. I managed to prepare 11 rolls for sewing before Gavin came in crying that his tummy hurt. It was kinda strange because he was fine and then all of a sudden he said his tummy hurt and he was crying and every time we touched his belly he said it hurt and cried more. So what did we do? My hubby got him in the car and took him to the ER. The doc said he seems fine and that he doesn’t think that he needs to be admitted and checked out, so they are now on their way home. It seems that the sickness that has invaded our home just doesn’t want to leave. Poor Caleb has almost lost his voice completely because of the cold he got.

I’m hoping that tomorrow when we get back from Gav’s speech therapy I’ll be able to get some photos together and have that post started for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Welcome to Robbyn’s Nest

10 Sep

Please forgive me for my extended absence from blogging. Since posting my crayon rolls awhile back I’ve been busy sewing and making them for other people, stocking up my Etsy shop that hopefully will open in a couple of weeks, figuring out a new name for myself, school started for everyone, and I’ve been working and doing mommy duties. To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. I am glad to be this kind of busy though, it’s all so exciting and I’m learning so many new things in this whole process. One thing you may have noticed is that I changed my blog name and I now have my own .com address. woo hoo! I decided to change my blog name to match my Etsy shop name to make it easier. I love it.

I’m going to be making over my blog a bit so there will be changes and I may be silent again for a week or two while I work out some kinks and sew about a thousand or so crayon rolls. Exciting things are happening here and I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve been doing for the past month. Stay tuned…I promise it won’t be a long wait.


Father’s Day weekend Part 1

24 Jun

Well it took me long enough but I finally have the first part of this possibly 3 part post. It seems easy enough to sort through pictures, but then you add in the fact that I crop them, watermark them, and sometimes play around with them and a task that should take maybe an hour takes 4 days. Oh, and the fact that I get easily side tracked. Anyways, we went to San Jose to spend the weekend with my hubby’s parents and brother who had flown in earlier in the week. We have found that the easiest time to leave when driving long distances with small children is to leave as early as possible so that they sleep most of the drive, so we were up and out by 5 am and arrived in San Jose by 11am. I knew it was going to be hot, but it was crazy hot. Thank goodness I remembered to pack the boys board shorts and Cha Cha had bought a pool the last time we were there.

Papa filling up the pool

Cha Cha enjoying pool time with her grandbabies

The hubby and I also took a little drive in his old Fairlane that his dad restored. That car is the car that my hubby drove me home in the day I met him (he gave me a ride home after work) and being in it brought back a lot of memories. When we got back the boys wanted to get in and pose for pictures.

That pool definitely helped cool the boys down and expend some energy. That night Gav was so tired he fell asleep at the dinner table!! He kept nodding off and jerking awake when his head fell, it was so cute! Poor little guy was wiped out. The next day we were supposed to go to a park and barbecue for Father’s Day but the dad’s wanted to do something else, so the hubby suggested San Francisco.  I was so glad I had packed sweaters for the boys and a pair of pants for myself because it was freezing there. We went to Golden Gate Park and the boys got to run around and go on the carousel.

After spending about an hour or so here and stuffing our faces with hot dogs, my hubby decided it would be fun to take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Believe it or not but I have never been across that bridge! It was pretty neat even with the fog.

We kept on driving up to a look out point that was packed full of cars so we just kept driving until we came to an old army lookout. I bet there were beautiful views from there, we just couldn’t see them because of the fog.

This is what my hubby really wanted to do, explore, climb, run, get out and be adventurous. It was freezing cold and the boys started to get a little scared of the fog and wind the higher we went up but it was a lot of fun.

It was a fun little trip into the Bay area, so much that the hubby and I made plans to go back the next day and visit China town. But that’s for another post!