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Taking a mini break

16 Jun

To all 5 of you who read this daily, I’m taking the weekend off for Father’s Day. I probably won’t be posting again until Tuesday as we are all off work until then and I’m going to be spending time with the family hopefully doing all kinds of fun things. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and don’t forget to check back in Tuesday night!


The Target Effect

31 May

What is it about Target that it is impossible to walk out of there only with what you needed? We went to Target this afternoon because we needed paper towels and baby wipes and it was on our way home. We debated about whether it was smart to venture into temptation and my hubby said it perfectly in the car as we discussed how hard it was to have a “quick” trip into Target “…but I WANT to go down every aisle”. So true. Every single time we have ever gone to Target we have left with more than we needed. We did however get things that we needed like new sippy cups for Gav and a night light for Caleb so that we don’t have to leave the bathroom light on anymore. It was difficult to resist the urge to go down all the aisles and at one point my hubby said “Stop looking” and I hadn’t even realized I was on tip toe trying to see over the low shelving into the next aisle. Yes, it was hard, but this was probably the cheapest trip to Target we have ever had. Score count Mezas:1 Target:1,000,000 (that’s a high estimation lol but everyone knows I like to exaggerate).

The Story of Us

5 May

A love letter to my husband of 5 years.

As we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary on the 19th I find myself reflecting on the past 13 years that we have been together and on all the things I have learned since I met you in March of 1999. I know I seem like a hopeless romantic, the one who can always find the good in the bad, the one who is hopeful for the future, but I wasn’t always that way. I didn’t believe in lasting love. I didn’t believe that anyone would love me forever. When I met you I was hopeless, lost, broken. I had lost so much, at least to me I had. I felt abandoned. And then I met you. I remember getting hired at Starbucks in Hermosa Beach and walking in that first day nervous with the excitement of starting a new job. You turned around and you had me. Seriously. People always talk about love at first sight and I never believed it until that moment. I knew that we would be together, felt it deep in my soul. I remember how you drove me home that night after work because I didn’t have a car and had skateboarded to work. I remember sitting next to you in the front seat and being so dang nervous, stealing sideways glances at you. I thought, no way this guy will EVER notice me. I’m so glad you did. We became fast friends, hanging out all the time, showing up at work while the other was working because we were “meeting a friend” (wink). We were both coming out of break ups so we were trying to be just friends. I remember the night you asked me to be your girlfriend not too much longer. We were at your old house and you had family coming to visit. I remember being introduced for the first time as your girlfriend.  There were many ups and a few downs along the way. A lot of laughs and many adventures. We ran a marathon together in Dublin, Ireland, went to Washington D.C., laid on the beach in Maui, camped in Big Sur, and most importantly, we grew closer together and fell more and more in love. You have always been my best friend, my biggest champion, my soul mate. I remember the day you proposed to me. August 10,2005. I remember I was working with my best friend, and my sister had come in to read (that should have tipped me off lol). And then my friend said someone in the lobby wanted to talk to me, so I walked out and you came around the corner, guitar in hand. I thought, Proposal? or maybe birthday gift since my birthday was the next day. You sang You and Me by Lifehouse and I was trying not to cry. I was so excited I hugged you as soon as you were finished, and then you dropped to one knee. I couldn’t wait to say YES, YES, I will marry you! This is one of 4 of the happiest days of my life. We had a long engagement, almost 2 years. We weren’t in a rush and neither one of us knew how to plan a wedding or what we were doing. So we chose Vegas. But not cheesy Vegas. Caesar’s Palace, in the garden, in May. I remember waiting outside getting ready to walk around that corner to begin the rest of my life. I was anxious, nervous, excited, everything. And then Forever Love (Digame) by Anna Nalick came on and I was walking towards you. I remember seeing you and all I wanted to do was run to you. Do you remember during the ceremony when the officiant told us to take a breath and we started laughing, I didn’t realize that I had been holding my breath. When I told you that I would love you in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part, I have never been so honest. This was the second happiest dayt of my life, May 19,2007, the day I married my best friend. We splurged on a honeymoon to Bora Bora because basically we wanted the seclusion with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. I am so glad we had that week of heaven together. We even managed to bring home a little extra something that 9 months later would be another new beginning. It’s funny that even today, 5 years later, when I hear New York Minute by the Eagles I think of having breakfast every morning there and of the time we spent exploring that little island, and I smile because it reminds me of how we began this journey. Shortly after coming home from our honeymoon I was tired all the time and not feeling that well. That’s when we thought maybe we were pregnant. We experienced the longest 5 minutes of our life as we waited to see if 2 lines appeared. 2 lines. That is all it takes to change you forever. Mommy and Daddy, that’s what we found out our new names would be as well as getting used to being Husband and Wife. You were so good to me those 9 months, taking care of me, rubbing my feet, giving me back rubs as my belly grew and my back grew sorer from carrying our baby boy, you did all the chores, cooked, and I fell in love even more. You were making all my dreams come true. And now we come to the third best day of my life. The moment they placed our oldest son in my arms. I was overwhelmed with awe and love, I couldn’t believe that we had made this tiny little person and that I could love someone so instantly and fiercely. I remember looking into you eyes and loving you even more. I remember how I struggled with breastfeeding and how you kept encouraging me, never offering to give up, waking up with me at every feeding, delirious from the lack of sleep but supporting me none the less. Thank you for that.  And then the fourth best day of my life almost 2 years later. How rare it was to find a man who would wake up every 2 hours to help when I had to nurse. You changed all the diapers those first few weeks, and we took turns burping them in the middle of the night so that I could get some sleep too since I had to wake up and stay awake to nurse. We were both sleep deprived and if not for the help of family we would have been asleep on our feet. I am so lucky to have someone who parents right alongside me. I never felt as if I was doing it all. Have I thanked you for that? Thank you. Thank you for doing so incredibly much then and now. I could not be the mommy i am without you. And here we are 5 years later, a family of 4. It’s not that long, yet it feels as if we have always been this way. In a world where divorce occurs in 50% of marriages and Hollywood makes a mockery of marriage, we have beat some odds. When I said I do, I meant it for life. You taught me what it meant to really love someone unconditionally. You have loved me through my ups and downs and I have loved you through yours. We fit together so perfectly how could I NOT believe that I was made for you and you were made for me? Now I want to thank you, thank you for being exactly who you are because for me, you are perfect. I hope that you know how much I appreciate all that you do for our little family, how hard you work to support us, and how much of yourself you give to us. I love you more today than I did on that day 5 years ago when I became your wife. You make me feel safe, loved, and appreciated. Sure we argue, we yell, we aren’t perfect, but I believe that we grow stronger from it, from the communication that comes from it. You taught me that. I love our life and the family we have become. I am so lucky and blessed to have been able to share it with you. I can’t wait until we are celebrating our 10, 20, 50th wedding anniversaries, because I know we will. Just like I knew that day I met you 13 years ago that we would be together, I know we will grow old together.

Happy 5th anniversary Renato. I love you.

Days like these

30 Apr

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but you know, life happened as it so often does. So, here it is, a day late.

Yesterday was an amazing day. It was one of those days where I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the toddler tunnel that is. Talking with another mom friend of mine we came to the realization that 4 is a good age, kids become a little more independent and mom tends to get a little more of a break. Most of my days are spent constantly with the boys, weither i’m playing with them, hanging out in their room, or being constantly asked to do something for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, just not everyday, all day. We parents need breaks and there is no clocking out for a 30 min break. So when days like yesterday come along, I try to just enjoy them to the fullest and do mommy things.

Let me explain how my day went. The kids woke up at 7:30 which is their normal wake up time, but instead of right away asking for things they went back in their room and played while mommy laid in bed for 20 more minutes mentally preparing myself for the day. We came out to the living room and I made breakfast. They ate, watched a little tv and let mommy drink her much needed coffee. Then without having to beg them, they went to their room to play while I did housework. That in itself is a small victory. I cleaned and was mostly done by 10:30am save for the things I put off for days, for example folding laundry (it’s still sitting in the laundry basket) and the kids were still playing nicely in their room. So I grabbed some fabric, my cutting mat, set up the iron and began cutting the pieces I need to finish my travel sewing kit. I managed to cut all the pieces before they finally came out asking if we could go outside, which we did until lunch time. The only downside to this story is that they were re-roofing the house next to us which is basically right outside the boys room, so they didn’t end up taking  a long nap and I couldn’t sleep at all. So I made more coffee, we went outside to play again, and then the boys let me sew. What?? This never happens. Any time I go into my little corner they follow me in there which leaves me no room and always makes me sew crooked, so when they didn’t follow me in I was ecstatic. I managed to get more than halfway done with it! They got a little crazy while I was making dinner but after how good they were all day, I couldn’t get frustrated. And then at bed time they both pretty much went right to sleep.

It’s so nice to have an easy day every so often. I feel refreshed and I think I really needed that.


28 Apr

It’s 10:30am on a Saturday morning. I feel like it could be 4pm already. Here’s the days accomplishments so far:

  • 2 loads of laundry done.
  • house swept
  • house mopped
  • cat litter cleaned
  • trash taken out
  • dishes done
  • kids fed
  • bathroom cleaned
  • number of times we’ve cleaned up the kids toys (so far)- twice

Whew, that seems like a lot! Things left to do today:

  • Put all laundry away (eeww. Who likes folding laundry??)
  • make lunch and dinner
  • entertain kiddos
  • nap time (can’t wait!)
  • break up any fights that will most likely occur throughout the day

Things I’d like to get done today:

  • work on my hexies
  • cut out the rest of the pieces needed for my sewing travel kit
  • go to an Art Show in Downtown LA that a friend has pieces in (all depends on if the hubby gets to leave work a little early)

Really just a typical day here! Hope everyone has a great Saturday, enjoy the beautiful weather!!

Reverse Psychology

24 Apr

Why does it work?? Seriously. Tonight Gavin just didn’t want to get in bed. He kept whining and getting out of bed each time we put him in. Caleb was ready and was determined to go right to bed, that could be because we told him if he did he could have left over pizza for lunch-don’t tell anyone. So what did we do? I started to say “ok, goodnight, don’t get in bed.” Followed by daddy telling him not to get in bed and not to lay down. What did Gav do? He got in bed. Yep. And now, silence. How is that possible?? Is it because children have some built in desire to do the opposite of what their parents tell them?? Whatever it is I’m just glad they’re in bed and asleep because that means this mamma can relax with a glass of wine and get some hexie sewing done. Happy Tuesday indeed!

Spring Break!

18 Apr

I’ ve been pretty lame about updating my blog here lately. I guess I’ve just been tired and lazy to be honest. I feel the past month has been a little crazy with Spring Break and the sickness that has plagued our house on and off. So I’ve been in a funk since then a little when it came to updating this here blog. The kids have been pretty good today about playing and not using me as a pillow/jungle gym/punching bag so while they are occupied at the moment I thought I would FINALLY give an update. So here is our Spring Break trip to Palm Springs in pictures.

This is how much it takes for a family of four to go away for 3 nights lol. That’s not even all of it!

Uncle Jerry with Caleb ready to go swimming in his pool. Sun was right in Caleb’s face, oops.

Caleb could barely stay still for this picture, he was itching to get in the pool.This was the first time either of them has ever gone in the pool with water wings and at first they had a little trouble, but after a little adjusting they were swimming like little fish!

Caleb getting ready to jump in to daddy.

The next day we went to the Living Desert and met up with my sister and her boyfriend. This place was pretty neat and if your ever in Palm Springs I suggest you check it out.

Daddy got tired of pushing so he said “My turn!”

We saw these lizards run across the pathway and when I knelt down to get a picture of them, they ran towards me! Kinda crazy that they weren’t scared.

And then I also worked in a little practice with my camera. They had this huge miniature train town set up. It was pretty cool.

There were a lot of humming birds flying around everywhere and I tried to get a decent picture of one since I’m still a little slow when it comes to choosing which settings to use in manual mode.  This is the best one I was able to get.

After such a wonderful day it was a little bit of a bummer to get back to Uncle Jerry’s house and realize the boys had little fevers. So we took a nap and when we woke up, they were no better. Boo. We missed out on a huge family dinner but maybe it was for the best since they didn’t end up eating until midnight and that is way too late for the kids lol. They are used to dinner at the latest 8pm and bed by 8:30pm. So we gave them some medicine and put them to bed after eating a wonderful meal made by Uncle Dennis.

Despite the boys being sick we still woke up Easter morning to a yummy family breakfast and after mommy and daddy made a desperate run to CVS to get Easter baskets for the kids, yes we did procrastinate lol, the boys got to go on a little Easter egg hunt in Uncle Jerry’s backyard.

They each had a different area of the yard to ensure that Gavin was able to find some eggs too. Caleb had a special golden egg hidden that had money in it too! Shortly after everyone started going home and we decided since the boys were sick and uncomfortable we decided to go home too after a quick last swim in the pool.

Even though we all got sick except for daddy, we had a great time. The boys had so much fun being around so many cousins and family and it was really nice to get some days off where we had no plans or errands to run, just deciding what pool to hang out at for the day. I’ve got some sewing updates but I think I’ll save that for another day, dinner needs to get made.