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I WON!!!

10 Jun

Guys, I won something today!!! The Weekender Sew Along came with incentive to  finishing and linking up our bags and today I found out that I won the Grand Prize!! Say what?!! I have to admit that I jumped up and did  a little dance, some giggles and screams may have been involved. I’ve entered in a ton of give aways and have never won. This time around I actually didn’t realize there were prizes involved until after I had made my bag, I was just excited to sew along with some Instagram people and get support making this monster bag. When i linked up my blog post I told my husband to think winning thoughts and it turned out it worked this time!! Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Love By Hand, Modern Handcraft, and Sew Lux for the awesome Sew Along and for putting those awesome prize packs together.

Christine over at Love By Hand emailed me today that my goodies will be shipped next week! I can’t wait for my happy mail! And just in case you forgot, here’s the beauty that won me some awesome prizes.

Weekender Bag


That was seriously a fun sew along and I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t joined along, that pattern would still be on my table untouched, intimidating me.

I have one last thing to share while I’m on here and enjoying the silence that comes with all 3 boys asleep by 7pm. The week before Finnley was born I got it in my head that I wanted to make him a quilt. Crazy, I know. So I made my sister go with me  to M&L Fabrics in Anaheim to get some fabric for this quick quilt. One and a half days later I had this.

Finnley's baby quilt

I cannot believe how fast I got this done. I did make it easy on myself in the design, but let me tell you, basting a quilt at 39 weeks pregnant is just wrong. My back hurt for a couple days after and it was really hard to find a good position to be in with my huge belly. I straight line quilted about a 1/4 inch on each side of the strips to make it even easier. I love how bright it is and can’t wait until my little can sleep under it. Sleep. That’s something I should do really soon. I’m beat! Not much sleep happening around here for me since the night time hours are my time to sew. Maybe I’ll play catch up on sleep tonight and give the machine a break. But first I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine.