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I’m back for real this time!

18 Feb

Well, hello again dear blog of mine. I took quite awhile off this time, but I assure you I was very busy. It all started after Halloween, trips to the in-laws, broken bones, hospital stays, botched holiday plans, Disneyland Annual Passes, school, work, and sewing. I think that covered it all. I also found during the holidays that planning events, outings, visits, working at the school, sewing up 2 quilts, and dealing with Caleb’s broken collar bone and then staying in the hospital for 3 days with Gavin who had pneumonia Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas, left very little room for blogging. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. And so now 3 1/2 months have passed and it’s time to get back to regular blogging. I’ve missed you. All 3 of you who read this blog. If you’re still with me, thank you for sticking around! I am going to try my hardest to actually blog regularly, of course I am at the mercy of my children so as long as they play nicely I can make a habit of this.

I just went into the kids room because they were awfully quiet-they’re supposed to be cleaning up-and what did I find??? They were drawing all over themselves with a pen. Caleb has ink all over his face and arms. Oi. I’m ready to put these little monsters to bed, kick my feet up, and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I better make the rest of this post fast. I leave you with a couple of things I’ve been sewing lately. More to come, I just didn’t have time to edit them all. See ya tomorrow!


The quilt I made for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas






Coffee sleeve

4 Jun

I managed to get a little something done today in the way of sewing. I asked the boys for a 5 minute break late this afternoon and they managed to mostly play nice with only a couple of trips in their room to restore law and order,  so that I was able to sew this together.

I did the embroidery while we were outside playing and used the five minutes they gave me to sew the pieces of wool felt together. I think this may be my favorite sleeve so far. I got the embroidery pattern from Wild Olive and attempted to iron transfer the pattern with an iron transfer pen (that was a little redundant) but that didn’t work out so well so I had to freehand draw the inside of the cup. I can’t wait to use this little guy tomorrow and show him off!