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Father’s Day weekend Part 1

24 Jun

Well it took me long enough but I finally have the first part of this possibly 3 part post. It seems easy enough to sort through pictures, but then you add in the fact that I crop them, watermark them, and sometimes play around with them and a task that should take maybe an hour takes 4 days. Oh, and the fact that I get easily side tracked. Anyways, we went to San Jose to spend the weekend with my hubby’s parents and brother who had flown in earlier in the week. We have found that the easiest time to leave when driving long distances with small children is to leave as early as possible so that they sleep most of the drive, so we were up and out by 5 am and arrived in San Jose by 11am. I knew it was going to be hot, but it was crazy hot. Thank goodness I remembered to pack the boys board shorts and Cha Cha had bought a pool the last time we were there.

Papa filling up the pool

Cha Cha enjoying pool time with her grandbabies

The hubby and I also took a little drive in his old Fairlane that his dad restored. That car is the car that my hubby drove me home in the day I met him (he gave me a ride home after work) and being in it brought back a lot of memories. When we got back the boys wanted to get in and pose for pictures.

That pool definitely helped cool the boys down and expend some energy. That night Gav was so tired he fell asleep at the dinner table!! He kept nodding off and jerking awake when his head fell, it was so cute! Poor little guy was wiped out. The next day we were supposed to go to a park and barbecue for Father’s Day but the dad’s wanted to do something else, so the hubby suggested San Francisco.  I was so glad I had packed sweaters for the boys and a pair of pants for myself because it was freezing there. We went to Golden Gate Park and the boys got to run around and go on the carousel.

After spending about an hour or so here and stuffing our faces with hot dogs, my hubby decided it would be fun to take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Believe it or not but I have never been across that bridge! It was pretty neat even with the fog.

We kept on driving up to a look out point that was packed full of cars so we just kept driving until we came to an old army lookout. I bet there were beautiful views from there, we just couldn’t see them because of the fog.

This is what my hubby really wanted to do, explore, climb, run, get out and be adventurous. It was freezing cold and the boys started to get a little scared of the fog and wind the higher we went up but it was a lot of fun.

It was a fun little trip into the Bay area, so much that the hubby and I made plans to go back the next day and visit China town. But that’s for another post!