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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct


We are trick-or-treating twice today!! Caleb’s school was dismissed an hour early so that all the kids could go trick-or-treating at the shops on the block where Caleb’s school is. It’s really awesome to see how excited the store owners and patrons are when the kids come in all dressed up, especially the ladies at this little beauty parlor that looks like it’s from the 70’s. The ladies there were so sweet and before we left Gavin said “thank you, Happy Halloween!” The ladies just LOVED that and I think the visit from the kids really made their day.


The kids all had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go out tonight, especially now that Gav actually knows what to do this year. Who knows, I may even get dressed up!



I managed to get one of the whole class, with some siblings added in there. We made the bags last week in class which is perfect because now Caleb has a bag to use tonight! Well, we are off to take naps now, and then get ready to get Daddy and go out! Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!