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One Block Down

18 Mar

I seem to be a bit obsessed with hand quilting and the quilt as you go method. I LOVE the way hand quilting looks, either with Perle cotton or thread. I recently found some QAYG tutorials on Pinterest and since I have the worlds tiniest throat on my sewing machine and summer is getting closer, I thought this would be a good method to try out. I’ve completed on block and am really loving the way it looks.


My hand quilting is far from perfect, but I think that’s part of the charm. Next time I need to baste it a little better, I messed up on a couple of corners and bunched the fabric a bit. Now that things have slowed down a bit at Caleb’s school (for a couple weeks anyway) I will have some more time to sew again. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight with a little quilting. Happy Monday!


Keepin it Real

23 Feb


   I love my kids, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes they can just drive me insane. Like pull my hair out, crying in a corner kind of crazy. I like to think I have a lot of patience, but sometimes my little monthly visitor makes patience next to impossible for this mamma. It began early this morning, like before 7am early. Yes, I know for most families this would be considered sleeping in, but for us, that’s early. Gav woke up first and then woke up his brother. Ok. That’s fine, I asked them to keep it down for a little bit and let me wake up. I could hear my neighbor snoring so I knew I had to keep them quiet, no reason for us all to wake up too early on a Saturday. The quiet lasted for about 15 minutes before they got out their large trucks and began driving them everywhere in their room. It sounded like a real truck was driving around in there for all the noise they were making. Finally I got up because they just weren’t keeping it down so I brought them into the living room and made them breakfast. It was going good, they ate, they left to play in their room nicely…or so I thought.

    They were destroying their room. Destroying. And the more I told them to clean, the messier it got. Here’s a little background info, we have been teaching the boys to clean up after themselves since they were very young. They have always had to clean their room and put their toys where they belong, and they know that the mess they make is their responsibility to clean. 95% of the time they play with something, put it back and get something else out because they don’t like to clean (I mean what boy does???). The other 5% of the time they cover every spare inch of their floor with toys, bedding, clothes, whatever they can get their little hands on. And WE always end up having to clean it up because at that point they need help.

    I decided today I wasn’t having it. So I told them that if they want mommy to make them lunch and do things for them, they need to listen to me and help out. ALL they have to do is clean their room. It is almost 4:30pm and their room is no cleaner than it was at noon when I told them to start cleaning. Instead of beating my head against the wall and letting frustration get the best of me, I grabbed some fabric and set out to make myself a new mug rug.


   I bought this Chevron print as a remnant a while ago at M&L Fabrics and thought it would be perfect to use on my mug rug. As soon as I started this project my stress and frustration slipped away. The kids were calm-not cleaning yet, but calm possibly because I was calm. So I kept sewing. And sewing. And asking the boys to clean. Of course every time I told them to clean so they could eat lunch they said “Ok mama!” And went to their room to continue making a mess. Yep. And so now I have a pretty new mug rug and I managed to keep my sanity.


   Of course then I had to make some coffee so I could use it. Who am I kidding, I NEED that second pot of coffee. No nap and it’s getting close to the time when I have to make dinner and the kids STILL have not cleaned their room. I’m not a monster though, I did give them half a sandwich each to inspire them to clean. Have they cleaned since then? Nope. I know we are headed for a bumpy next couple of hours, crankiness is already starting to set in for both boys, no nap can do that to a kid. Maybe that just means I’ll have 2 mug rugs by the end of the day.

WiP Wednesday

13 Jun

Is it Wednesday already? Halfway through the week and I actually have the weekend off to look forward to, woo hoo! I’ve been pretty busy since last Wednesday finishing up a few projects I had on my list and powering along on my granny squares quilt. Here’s a little peak at my stitching.

I absolutely LOVE the way the hand quilting looks on this baby. My stitches are getting more consistent and I’m happy that the back is coming out consistent as well. I’m using an embroidery needle which is pretty sharp and my middle finger has taken quite a few hits, but the more I quilt the more I avoid pricking myself. I managed to cut some squares and rectangles up for my next quilt today, I have no idea yet how big I want this to be so for now I’m cutting up enough for a lap size, although that could change.

iPhone and Instagram to the rescue on this one. When there’s low lighting my phone always seems to get pretty decent shots. I got all these cut today. How did I do that with two wild toddler boys you ask?

With Play-Doh of course! I asked the boys if they wanted to play with Play-Doh while mommy pressed her fabric and they stayed interested in it long enough for me to press everything AND cut more than half of what I needed. I wish that they had stayed interested in it this afternoon as well while I was exercising but no such luck. Good news, I still finished my work out, just to the sound of crying and whining children who wanted to crawl all over me and watch Netflix. Nothing like stretching after a workout all sweaty and gross and having your kids think your making a bridge for them to crawl under. I’m just proud of myself for not making excuses and getting it done!

And lastly, I pulled some fabric to make some more wallet organizers and pressed that fabric as well. I ran out of time to cut it, but I’m just glad I got to press it. One of these will go to my sister and one for me! So sister, now would be the time to let me know if you like this combo!

I love that fish print. I picked it up at Momen+ awhile ago and if I have enough after the organizers I’m going  to use it for another camera case. If I cut it right I should be able to make it stretch. Well, that’s it for me today. I’m pooped and just want to kick back on the sofa, watch So You Think You Can Dance and continue quilting my granny square quilt. Happy Wednesday!

WiP Wednesday

30 May

After almost a month off from blogging i am back! May has been an extremely busy month for us with our wedding anniversary and Mother’s day I felt like we were always on the move. Of course I can’t broadcast here when we leave town so that’s another reason why I took a little break. We went up North to stay with my in-laws Mother’s day weekend and also celebrated our anniversary with a night spent away from the kids. It was quiet and relaxing and I missed the kids at the same time. I’ll have to organize my pictures from that long weekend and post them. We are also heading into Caleb’s last couple weeks at Preschool for the year and have started speech therapy with Gavin. I feel like we have done a lot of driving and a lot of packing and unpacking between this month and last. I have been pretty tired most nights and instead of blogging I have just been curling up on the couch with my hexies and DVR. We went through a rough patch with bed time as well and that pretty much zapped me of all energy. I count on that little bit of time after the kids go to bed and before i go to bed as my time to sew, or watch tv, or just plain old relax, so when that time that i so desperately need to myself is spent trying to get the kids to sleep, i start to unravel. I actually did reach that breaking point a week ago. And so my husband who was at work heard the desperation in my voice, came home from work early, took the boys out of the house for a few hours and let me regroup. Those hours they were gone finally gave me the recharge I was needing. At first I felt guilty, like I was a bad mom for needing my space, but then I had to tell myself that it’s ok to need some time alone. I am still me after all and I need to do things for myself sometimes and that’s OK. So for 2 hours straight, I sewed, and sewed, and sewed. It was my therapy. I was able to finally piece together my granny square quilt top and since then I have started hand quilting it. Here’s a little sneak preview

I am in love with hand quilting with Perle cotton. I love it. It is so soothing and relaxing to just sit and stitch away. The more i quilt the more consistent my stitches become. I really am not concerned with it being even and perfect, I think it gives it more personality if it’s a little wonky. I thought I had to use a hoop or frame to do this but after a lot of search on the internet I found that I could do it without, so that’s what I’m doing. And here’s a little update on my hexies

I love watching this grow. It’s a good thing I’m in no hurry to finish this because I think it’s going to take a long time to finish! Well, that’s my month in a nutshell. I’ll try to start editing my pictures from our trips and post those this week, all depends on how these little monsters behave 😉 Now I should go and see why my boys have been so quiet in their room, usually means they are up to no good!

WIP Wednesday

25 Apr

I think knowing I was going to do this today pushed me to make progress on some of my sewing projects. While it may not seem like a lot, the fact that I manage to get anything done with working and raising 2 small boys is a miracle to me!

The front cover to my travel sewing kit is all quilted and ready to be put together, well, actually I still need to cut the pieces out for the rest of it. At least this part is done! I really like the way the hand quilting came out and it makes me super excited to get started on my lap quilt!

Last night I started to add the gray border to some of the diamonds and begin piecing them together. That’s my finished stack of diamonds behind. I figure this way I won’t get bored and seeing it grow will push me to keep going. Hexi piecing is tedious work! That’s all I have for today. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to show a completed travel sewing kit and a completed granny square quilt top! Happy Hump Day!

Sewing updates

21 Apr

I’ve been pretty busy lately working on my granny square quilt and hand sewing those little hexies together. Here’s my progress so far.

I’m trying a new thing here, using photo collages instead of posting each individually. I just downloaded Picasa 3 and I’m trying it out to see if I like it…  The left photo is the completed granny square blocks all sewn together in rows with sashing in  between. Can you tell I used different white fabrics? One is a Joann’s brand cotton and the other is Kona. Oops. Oh well, it just gives it character. I finally decided on a design for my hexi quilt, diamonds! This really is such a great project to work on while catching up on my DVR. And lastly,  the outside to a travel sewing kit I’m making. Instead of machine quilting it I decided to practice hand quilting with Perle cotton. There’s definitely a learning curve but the more I do it the easier it’s becoming. So that’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I got an email last week about an awesome sale going on at Momen+  and made a little trip there after work yesterday. They are having an awesome sale on remnants ranging from $0.50-$3.00. There was a table stacked  overflowing with fabric. They also had many bolts of discontinued fabric discounted at $5 a yard. I grabbed a nice stack of fabric and was hoping to stay under $20, when I got to the cash register she told me my total…$8!!!

Considering a fat quarter sells for $2.25 and a yard of these Japanese fabrics is usually over $10 I feel like I got a really great deal! The left 2 are my favorite picks. The Hawaiian one was the most expensive coming in at $3, but it’s larger than a fat quarter and is perfect for fussy cutting. I am just loving my growing stash of Japanese fabric! I wish I could go back today as it’s the last day of this clearance sale but the hubby is at work and there’s no way I’d try to take the boys there by myself. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to wait until their sample sale in May…

Yesterday’s FAIL

13 Feb

So I didn’t get a chance to take a picture yesterday, or post. I did however manage to sew up a bag that has to be topstitched tonight to finish and I caught up to season 2 of The Walking Dead last night. Tonight we start watching Season 2 and hopefully by the end of the week are all caught up to Season 3. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you are missing out! The reason yesterday was a fail is because I had to open at work and I was exhausted when I got home, took a nap and then the hubby went to work and didn’t get home until after midnight. Both boys are sick which usually means arguments left and right, but they were surprisingly easy last night. I wish I could say the same for today. Both Monkey and Bug have coughs and runny noses. Monkey isn’t so bad to deal with but Bug just wants to be in my lap and no where else. I did manage to get him off my lap long enough at lunch time to sneak outside and get this shot.

I looked outside and saw it had rained and got this shot. We have a metal fold up chair that’s sitting outside and I thought it looked neat with the water droplets. I’m hoping tomorrow to get a night shot using a longer exposure. Valentine’s day is sort of not happening here as it’s my hubby’s first day of school and I have to go to a meeting at the Preschool at 7pm. Oh well.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture to post of the purse I’m making. I also cut out some templates to do English paper piecing of hexagons to make a mini quilt. It looks like fun and I like that I get to try hand piecing and hand quilting. Now I have to run, there are some runny noses I have to go wipe.