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Now That The Olympics Are Over…

14 Aug

…I can get back to sewing regularly and blogging a little more often. It was once my goal to blog once a day, but i’ve come to realize that with our crazy life there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Caleb starts school in two weeks so i may find myself with a teeny bit more time, but the time he is in school is still packed with Speech Therapy for my little Bug. My hubby also starts school again in two weeks so the focus will shift to him getting time to study and all that fun stuff. There really is a lot going on here! I actually didn’t realize how busy we are going to be come September until just now. Wow. Well, we’ll manage like we always do and somehow still find time to connect with each other and spend some quality time together, starting with Sundays. My hubby came up with the idea to have one night a week where we do a fun dinner that the kids can help make. First up on the list is homemade pizza! I’m looking forward to this Sunday and beginning a new tradition with my boys. Time to start a new Pinterest board and get to pinning!

In other news I stitched up a few more crayon rolls that need to be shipped out to my brother in law this week. I was a little late on getting these together as we had 2 birthdays to celebrate last week (my hubby’s and mine), but as the saying goes, better late than never! Although it is another push to get that Etsy shop open…soon, soon.

I just love that Alexander Henry print so much!! My sister and I made a trip to M&L Fabrics Discount Store today in Anaheim and after reading some of the Yelp reviews I was a little worried about what to expect. Glad I went in with an open mind because I was blown away by it’s awesomeness. The women who work there were so nice and helpful, quite the opposite of what some other Yelpers experienced. Think Downtown prices without the Downtown chaos. Everything was neat, organized, and clearly labeled. They had aisles and aisles of flat fold fabric for $2.49/yd!!! What??!!! There were even some designer prints mixed in there. Yes, it is a little overwhelming and there is a lot to go through in this section, but I was already planning my next trip out and quilt designs were flying through my head. The center of the store was dedicated to the designer/import fabrics and I was in HEAVEN. Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Heather Bailey, Denise Schmidt…I could go on. All priced fairly and considering I don’t have to pay shipping, cheaper than online! Here is my loot, all totaling $24, which my sister paid for as a Birthday present to me. Isn’t she the best?

You can see the remnants I got on top and how low the price was for them, yes one of them does say $0.43. Pretty awesome right? I can’t wait to use these! After a pretty successful trip to the OC we headed to Long Beach to a little store I found online called The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse. I googled thrift stores near me and saw this, went to the homepage and thought, wow, this place is for me! This store is filled with some awesome stuff. They had all kinds of crafting supplies and then some. I love the concept of this store and I hope that it thrives because I will definitely be going back to this store and donating items i won’t be using. Here’s what I got minus what my sister got (cooking tongs, 2 boxes of paperclips, and a string of beads) all for under $3.

I just loved the old thread spools and thought they would look cute when photographing my stuff. The film roll canister (with film) will be used to make a flash diffuser I saw on Pinterest, and I thought I could use the cute charms on zipper pulls for little pouches. It was great to have some sister time and find some awesome new stores to shop at! Now I better get some sewing done while the hubby and kids are out of the house. I leave you with a cute little stack of Vintage Modern hexies i’m stitching up to go on a tote bag I’m making for myself.



WiP Wednesday

30 May

After almost a month off from blogging i am back! May has been an extremely busy month for us with our wedding anniversary and Mother’s day I felt like we were always on the move. Of course I can’t broadcast here when we leave town so that’s another reason why I took a little break. We went up North to stay with my in-laws Mother’s day weekend and also celebrated our anniversary with a night spent away from the kids. It was quiet and relaxing and I missed the kids at the same time. I’ll have to organize my pictures from that long weekend and post them. We are also heading into Caleb’s last couple weeks at Preschool for the year and have started speech therapy with Gavin. I feel like we have done a lot of driving and a lot of packing and unpacking between this month and last. I have been pretty tired most nights and instead of blogging I have just been curling up on the couch with my hexies and DVR. We went through a rough patch with bed time as well and that pretty much zapped me of all energy. I count on that little bit of time after the kids go to bed and before i go to bed as my time to sew, or watch tv, or just plain old relax, so when that time that i so desperately need to myself is spent trying to get the kids to sleep, i start to unravel. I actually did reach that breaking point a week ago. And so my husband who was at work heard the desperation in my voice, came home from work early, took the boys out of the house for a few hours and let me regroup. Those hours they were gone finally gave me the recharge I was needing. At first I felt guilty, like I was a bad mom for needing my space, but then I had to tell myself that it’s ok to need some time alone. I am still me after all and I need to do things for myself sometimes and that’s OK. So for 2 hours straight, I sewed, and sewed, and sewed. It was my therapy. I was able to finally piece together my granny square quilt top and since then I have started hand quilting it. Here’s a little sneak preview

I am in love with hand quilting with Perle cotton. I love it. It is so soothing and relaxing to just sit and stitch away. The more i quilt the more consistent my stitches become. I really am not concerned with it being even and perfect, I think it gives it more personality if it’s a little wonky. I thought I had to use a hoop or frame to do this but after a lot of search on the internet I found that I could do it without, so that’s what I’m doing. And here’s a little update on my hexies

I love watching this grow. It’s a good thing I’m in no hurry to finish this because I think it’s going to take a long time to finish! Well, that’s my month in a nutshell. I’ll try to start editing my pictures from our trips and post those this week, all depends on how these little monsters behave 😉 Now I should go and see why my boys have been so quiet in their room, usually means they are up to no good!

Fabric on my doorstep

7 May

Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? I know I LOVE it, especially if it’s fabric. I always browse Etsy and all the fabric shops there, but I have never actually bought anything until last week. I found a shop that was closing and listed was a bag of designer scraps equaling around 2 yards in fabric for $11. I thought it was perfect for little projects and ordered it. Well, it came the other day and I was so excited to see what that little bag held.

There are some fabrics in here that I absolutely cannot wait to work with. I’m thinking of making this,  this, and one of these. Of course I’ll probably make some more hexies as well. Since I missed last Wednesday’s WiP update due to my last post taking around 3 days to write, I’ll show you my progress on the hexi quilt today as a bonus.

Since then I’ve made a lot of progress, at least it seems like a lot since it’s all done by hand. Here’s a closeup of the hexies

I don’t understand why on all the research I did on hexagon quilts I could only find  one that explained how to make sure your stitches don’t show through the front, and even that one didn’t say too much about it. Well, here’s what I learned, use grey thread or a color that matches both hexies as close as possible and make your stitches tight. There is definitely a learning curve to this as my fist brown diamond has stitches showing through, but the ones after that do not. Who knows, maybe I’ll even decide to branch out into the tutorial world and try writing one up myself.

Sewing updates

21 Apr

I’ve been pretty busy lately working on my granny square quilt and hand sewing those little hexies together. Here’s my progress so far.

I’m trying a new thing here, using photo collages instead of posting each individually. I just downloaded Picasa 3 and I’m trying it out to see if I like it…  The left photo is the completed granny square blocks all sewn together in rows with sashing in  between. Can you tell I used different white fabrics? One is a Joann’s brand cotton and the other is Kona. Oops. Oh well, it just gives it character. I finally decided on a design for my hexi quilt, diamonds! This really is such a great project to work on while catching up on my DVR. And lastly,  the outside to a travel sewing kit I’m making. Instead of machine quilting it I decided to practice hand quilting with Perle cotton. There’s definitely a learning curve but the more I do it the easier it’s becoming. So that’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I got an email last week about an awesome sale going on at Momen+  and made a little trip there after work yesterday. They are having an awesome sale on remnants ranging from $0.50-$3.00. There was a table stacked  overflowing with fabric. They also had many bolts of discontinued fabric discounted at $5 a yard. I grabbed a nice stack of fabric and was hoping to stay under $20, when I got to the cash register she told me my total…$8!!!

Considering a fat quarter sells for $2.25 and a yard of these Japanese fabrics is usually over $10 I feel like I got a really great deal! The left 2 are my favorite picks. The Hawaiian one was the most expensive coming in at $3, but it’s larger than a fat quarter and is perfect for fussy cutting. I am just loving my growing stash of Japanese fabric! I wish I could go back today as it’s the last day of this clearance sale but the hubby is at work and there’s no way I’d try to take the boys there by myself. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to wait until their sample sale in May…

Friday Night

30 Mar

It’s Friday night, the start to another weekend. What does that mean for us? P90X legs and back, a tiny bit of sewing, and off to bed early because I am beat! I know, exciting right? I just remembered right this minute, as I sat thinking what to type, that we bought 5 quick picks today for the Mega Millions and it’s after 8…which means I can see if we will be 640 MILLION dollars richer…Oh the dreams I’ve been having since I got those tickets today. What would we do with all that money? People always say, I’ll save it, I’ll be smart. And then they go bankrupt. I don’t want a lot. A house, a new car, a nice shiny new fancy sewing machine, and fabric. Lots of gorgeous fabric. And that’s it. Start trust funds for the boys, college educations paid, and invest. I’d hope money wouldn’t change me, but you never know til you have it. I know it’s a loooooooooong shot to win, but a girl can dream can’t she?

And as promised, here’s that photo of my hexie progress.

I have absolutely no idea how many that is. A lot. And here’s what’s left  to make

Still playing with design in my head, probably won’t decide until I’m stitching them together. I really do love hand sewing, I find it so relaxing.

Well, it’s time for me to head out and get my work out on and check that Lotto ticket. Fingers crossed!

It’s Spring!

20 Mar

Happy first day of Spring! It sure felt like it today, the sun was out and the sweater came off. Kind of a bummer I had to work the better part of the day and then run errands on my way home. Oh well, hopefully it’s nice this weekend. My Mother in Law is flying in Friday night which we’re all pretty excited about, she’ll be here for the weekend for Caleb’s Preschool Talent Show and silent auction. It’s insane how much preparing and fundraising we have already done and it’s about to go into overdrive. Tomorrow I have to bake cookies for the bake sale at the Talent Show, Thursday we have Gav’s speech assessment with a speech therapist, Friday we have a full run through of the Talent show and then Saturday we have to be there an hour early to help set up. I’m hoping that Sunday night the hubby and I will be able to sneak off to see The Hunger Games-fingers crossed.

My hubby and I started a new round of P90X together along with following the nutrition guide. If I feel brave enough I might, MIGHT, post the before pictures. We are going to make an effort this time to track our progress, meaning take those pictures throughout, take measurements, step on the dreaded scale etc. It’s so nice working out together since we don’t get to do too many things just him and I. I’m already sore, I know I push myself so much harder when he’s working out with me.

Haven’t gotten too much sewing done, mostly just been working on my hexies. And I’ve been keeping up with my March photo along. I’m gonna go ahead and join the April one too, it’s so much fun! Here are my last couple days of pictures.

That’s my little Brother sewing machine. I’m definitely wanting an upgrade but I love this little guy.

This was a before and after shot. I took the first one on my way to work at 6am and the second is when I got home today around 5pm. I was basically standing in the same spot for both. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to upload of our cookie baking session. I’m going to let Caleb help me this time since they are for his school, we’re making Chocolate chip Oatmeal cookies. Yummy. I’m gonna try really really hard not to eat any-well, maybe I’ll just have one, it’s all about moderation right?


Sunday night

11 Mar

It’s Sunday night so what am I doing? Sitting on the couch, sewing up some hexies and catching up on the DVR. Right now it’s Desperate Housewives and GCB, yeah, I actually watch those shows. The hubby picked up a shift tonight so it’s been me and the kids since 3 this afternoon. The time change kinda messed me up this morning and I only ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep since i had to be up at 3:30am for work. Lucky for me I managed to get about an hour nap with the boys this afternoon and there was some coffee left in the pot when I woke up. We had leftovers for dinner so no cooking required, hooray! But because of the time change the boys weren’t quite ready to go to sleep at 7 and I had to separate them until Gavin fell asleep. Then I poured myself a glass of wine, kicked my feet up and started sewing. I’m almost done with the grey ones which makes about 238 hexies sewn so far, not too bad. Tomorrow night I’ll work on my granny squares quilt and hopefully knock out a few more blocks. We’ll see how tired I am after spending the day with the boys…