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iPhone fun

31 Jul

I’m having issues with WordPress tonight…I just finished a post and when I tried to post it I kept getting a failure notice. Boo. OH well, let’s start over. This afternoon I had some fun with my iPhone camera, tadaa, and LINE camera. I really love playing with this little phone camera. Here are my shots from today.

This one is from LINE camera, a free photo editing and sharing app. The rest were taken and edited in tadaa, a free photo editing and sharing app that is a lot like Instagram but with a lot more filters and frames to choose from.


There are people out there who discount iPhone photography. I see photography as anything with a camera that involves creativity and while an iPhone is limited, you still have to compose a shot and use lighting. There is not as much skill involved, but you still need a good eye. I love my iPhone and I’ve gotten some amazing shots with it. I also love my Nikon DSLR and I’m still learning to use many of it’s functions. I just think that people need to not take themselves so seriously and just realize that people want to have fun and you can get beautiful artistic shots with an iPhone as well.

Because I have Olympic fever I have not gotten any sewing done. I did get out this afternoon and pick up some Alexander Henry fabric that I have been loving for awhile now, and the best part was that I had a 40% off coupon! Winning!

And now I must go to put down my little Bug so that I can find out how the USA women fair in the gymnastics team final, and see if Michael Phelps can bring home another gold in the men’s 2oom fly.




Flea Market Fancy and Treasure Island

25 Jun

Oh how I love this line of fabric!! This and Vintage Modern have to be my favs right now. I just may be spending the rest of my mother’s day money getting my hands on some more Vintage Modern charms and possibly some Fat Quarters…Here is what came in the mail over the weekend

Fabricworm was having a sale so I managed to get some half yard cuts of my favorite FMF prints. I love it so much I don’t want to cut them! I also began creating a logo to start sewing into the things I make, I finally feel like it’s time to make that next step. Never did I think a year ago when I started sewing my first quilt that I would be making a logo for myself and that I would be so addicted to sewing! I just wish I could quit my job and stay home and create all day! Well, it wouldn’t be all day long since the boys occasionally let me get in a minimum of 45 minutes of sewing time during daylight hours, but once Gav is in school free time will be something my hubby and I will for the first time in almost 5 years have once again! Gasp!

Not only did I manage to get some time measuring and cutting fabric for some more wallet organizers, but I also managed to edit a couple pictures from our trip. Have you ever heard of Treasure Island in San Fran? It’s an old naval base that is now used sometimes for film sets (Trauma was filmed here), has some wineries, and housing, and some creepy activity.

Anybody remember that show Trauma? This is where the helicopters took off from on the show. I did a little research into Treasure Island when we got home due to all the creepiness and horror movie feelings this place evoked and I found out that there was testing done here back in the day both for fire training, and training for nuclear decontamination…and there was a training school for Nuclear, Radiological, and Chemical Warfare. The island’s soil is contaminated with toxic substances and is undergoing environmental clean up, which we actually saw happening. I got creeped out when we drove by a fenced off area with two men (?) dressed in full contamination gear (think ET when the government guys come in to isolate ET and Elliot) and were sorting through piles of dirt and we saw on the fence one of those Caution Radiation signs. That was the moment I thought maybe we weren’t supposed to be there, rest assured it was ok that we were there. I think. There were a lot of old abandoned buildings, some of them falling apart.

After I took this picture a man came into the window and looked out at us and I almost screamed. I didn’t need to be scared (he had blue prints in his hands not a chainsaw) but the whole island was so creepy and I kept feeling like we were doing something wrong so he freaked me out for a minute. Continuing on our drive through the island we came to a sign that sent chills up my spine.

It’s obviously not real, but it definitely added to the horror movie quality of the island. In my mind I kept thinking of movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. We kept driving and came to housing that looked like project housing. I found out later they basically are and upon signing a lease to one of these places you have to sign a form that says you  won’t plant anything edible in the soil, remember the soil is contaminated here. We came to an area of the housing that was fenced off with Radiation signs posted all along the fence.

People are living right next to these fenced off abandoned houses!! It seems crazy that anyone would choose to live next to this, I know I would be freaked out and gone in a heartbeat! I did read somewhere that occasionally the ground does leak contaminated gasses which may have been what happened here. The houses had weeds and stuff growing out of the roofs, I didn’t get any pictures because at this point I told my hubby to get us out of there. Obviously there are things going on on this island that aren’t being said and my mind starts to make up all kinds of crazy theories. It was definitely an interesting island and I would love to go back to take some more pictures someday. The one non creepy thing about the island was the awesome view of San Francisco.

The Bay Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

It was a fun little adventure and I’m glad we got the opportunity to be spontaneous!



Photo a Day June

8 Jun

I started another photo challenge for June! If anyone remembers I had  started doing this photo a day challenge I found on Pinterest with Fatmumslim in May and I quickly found myself forgetting to take my daily pictures. Boo. I love Instagram and have since downloaded some awesome photo editing apps for my iPhone and I have started following along with the June challenge. Sometimes it is hard to stop and remember to take a picture and I have already missed 2 days, the first because I decided to rejoin on the 2nd, and day 6 because the boys were driving me up the wall. Here are my photos to date

2. Empty 3. On Your Plate. 4. Close-up 5. Sign 7. Drink 8. 6 o’clock (no filter)

I really hope that I can stay on top of the list and remember to stop and take a photo everyday. The app I have been using the most to edit my photos is Snapseed, which was free, and  I also frequently use my Hipstamatic to take pictures especially when I take pictures of food. It truly is amazing what you can do with the iPhone camera. While I may not always carry around my Nikon DSLR, I am always with my iPhone. If you have Instagram follow along! It’s a lot of fun to see how others interpet  the photo cue and I’d love to have others to follow along with. My username is robbyd31 if you want to find me!

I stopped by Joann’s today after work and picked up some Kona Cotton in Coal gray to use in my next quilt as the background fabric. I am still deciding on weither or not I want to make it a solids quilt using some bright colors I had bought awhile ago with a gift card I had, or to incorporate a print that I have been longing for and finally bought today. It was a remnant so it was 50% off and it’s .75 yards so I could potentially use it to add a little something to the quilt. I need to take some pictures, that always helps me see it a little better. I’ll post my choices tomorrow in the hopes that I can get some feedback and help! Ok, I think it’s time to get to bed. My eyes are starting to droop, my brain is powering down, and I just know those boys will be up much earlier than I would like. Good night everyone!




23 Apr

I realized today as I started yet another project that I may have a teeny tiny problem. I am always in the middle of a project when I come across something new i simply MUST start that minute, which is why today I have 5 sewing projects going at once. Is this a problem all sewers and quilters have or just me?? I think I better stop starting new projects and finish these 5 first. So I’ll start doing what I see other bloggers doing and designate Wednesday to WIP (works in progress), hopefully that will keep me accountable and help me finish these before starting new ones.

Yesterday after I got off work we took the boys to the park. It was foggy and freezing cold but it was good for the kids to get some energy out and run around. I even got to play with my camera!

The overcast weather made for some good pictures. This was my favorite of the day. And then we tried to set the boys up on a bench for a cute picture but they had other plans. Still came out adorable in my opinion.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday, I know I did. I got to spend it with my boys.


Spring Break!

18 Apr

I’ ve been pretty lame about updating my blog here lately. I guess I’ve just been tired and lazy to be honest. I feel the past month has been a little crazy with Spring Break and the sickness that has plagued our house on and off. So I’ve been in a funk since then a little when it came to updating this here blog. The kids have been pretty good today about playing and not using me as a pillow/jungle gym/punching bag so while they are occupied at the moment I thought I would FINALLY give an update. So here is our Spring Break trip to Palm Springs in pictures.

This is how much it takes for a family of four to go away for 3 nights lol. That’s not even all of it!

Uncle Jerry with Caleb ready to go swimming in his pool. Sun was right in Caleb’s face, oops.

Caleb could barely stay still for this picture, he was itching to get in the pool.This was the first time either of them has ever gone in the pool with water wings and at first they had a little trouble, but after a little adjusting they were swimming like little fish!

Caleb getting ready to jump in to daddy.

The next day we went to the Living Desert and met up with my sister and her boyfriend. This place was pretty neat and if your ever in Palm Springs I suggest you check it out.

Daddy got tired of pushing so he said “My turn!”

We saw these lizards run across the pathway and when I knelt down to get a picture of them, they ran towards me! Kinda crazy that they weren’t scared.

And then I also worked in a little practice with my camera. They had this huge miniature train town set up. It was pretty cool.

There were a lot of humming birds flying around everywhere and I tried to get a decent picture of one since I’m still a little slow when it comes to choosing which settings to use in manual mode.  This is the best one I was able to get.

After such a wonderful day it was a little bit of a bummer to get back to Uncle Jerry’s house and realize the boys had little fevers. So we took a nap and when we woke up, they were no better. Boo. We missed out on a huge family dinner but maybe it was for the best since they didn’t end up eating until midnight and that is way too late for the kids lol. They are used to dinner at the latest 8pm and bed by 8:30pm. So we gave them some medicine and put them to bed after eating a wonderful meal made by Uncle Dennis.

Despite the boys being sick we still woke up Easter morning to a yummy family breakfast and after mommy and daddy made a desperate run to CVS to get Easter baskets for the kids, yes we did procrastinate lol, the boys got to go on a little Easter egg hunt in Uncle Jerry’s backyard.

They each had a different area of the yard to ensure that Gavin was able to find some eggs too. Caleb had a special golden egg hidden that had money in it too! Shortly after everyone started going home and we decided since the boys were sick and uncomfortable we decided to go home too after a quick last swim in the pool.

Even though we all got sick except for daddy, we had a great time. The boys had so much fun being around so many cousins and family and it was really nice to get some days off where we had no plans or errands to run, just deciding what pool to hang out at for the day. I’ve got some sewing updates but I think I’ll save that for another day, dinner needs to get made.

A whole mess of updates

28 Mar

Wow, there is so much to catch up on! It’s been an extremely busy past week for us here, I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the results of Gav’s speech assessment at the Regional Center. He has expressive speech delay. That’s it. They said he’s very smart, plays appropriately with toys, and they were impressed with how much he knows. He just doesn’t want to speak. Luckily the Regional Center will take us on we just have to get a letter from our insurance and our next step is a parent class on the 11th next month. We were also told to shorten our commands to Gav into one word, for example instead of asking him, “do you want juice?” we just ask “juice?”. It’s taking some getting used to but I feel I’m already seeing a little improvement. I have to admit I am extremely relieved to find out there is actually nothing wrong with his hearing, or anything serious really. I didn’t know how worried I was until my hubby came out of the meeting and gave me the news.

Last week we also made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the Bake Sale at Caleb’s talent show. Caleb helped me put all the ingredients together and when he saw me plug in the electric mixer he told me only adults use that not kids. Such a smart boy. I took pictures of the whole process but didn’t like how they turned out. So here are the 3 that made the cut.

Ready to go into the oven. Caleb wanted to eat them and didn’t quite understand at first that they needed to be cooked before eating.

Nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies! The boys could hardly wait for them to cool. I had to guard the cooling cookies so little hands didn’t reach up and snag a cookie.

He actually waited while I took this picture to take a bite. That’s a lot of self control for a 4 year old. That was our first cookie baking experience together and I don’t think I’ll ever make them alone again. It was so much fun and the boys had such a good time helping and then of course eating!

Next on the update list is Caleb’s Talent Show! The kids were so great and some of their talents were amazing considering they are all 4 and 5 year olds. The theme was Lights, Camera, Action! so they had a little star walk in the hallway leading to the auditorium with their pictures and hand prints.

Sorry for the poor picture, I was taking a picture of a picture, but you can still see how adorable he is! One of the Co-op mom’s came to the school and took pictures like this of all the kids. Caleb was on the stage many times thanks to his daddy signing him up for group numbers. His whole class performed their Teddy Bear class song, he sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider with some friends, rocked out on his guitar to a song daddy picked, and then sang the goodbye song they all sing at the end of class. I was so proud of him that he didn’t get stage fright and he was smiling and everything. I got a little teared up which may be why some of the pictures I took were blurry, that and the horrible lighting and lack of backlighting made a majority of pictures too dark. Here’s the best one.

Daddy was hanging out on the side of the stage where they came on to encourage him and help him rock out. Even though none of us really knew what we were doing and it was a little chaotic, it was such a blast and the kids had such a good time. I loved seeing him onstage performing and can’t wait until next year’s Talent show! Hopefully next year it will be in a larger space and we’ll be able to invite more than 3 people.

The next day it poured cats and dogs and with Cha Cha in town the park was out of the question. So what’s the next best thing? Adventure Plex in Manhattan Beach! We went and had lunch and then made our way to the indoor playground and when we got there were told we had to wait 30 minutes because they had reached their capacity. Looked like everyone had the same idea we had, that and it was Sunday. So we waited and when we finally got to go in the boys were so excited. They have a huge, I don’t even know what to call it…maze type thing that goes up a couple stories with a slide, ball pit, and levels of obstacles for the bigger kids, and then a little area for the 3 and under crowd that had a small slide, ball pit, and soft toys. For a little while Caleb played in there with Gav until someone was coming around telling everyone the older kids couldn’t be in there. Boo.

After figuring out the balls weren’t going to swallow him up, he got brave and started jumping. There’s Cha Cha in the background.

Can you tell his hair is drenched with sweat? Towards the end Caleb was up in that maze thing and a party of older kids let out into the room and flooded the maze. I think Caleb panicked a little with the sheer volume of kids in there and the fact that he was alone. I saw him looking down and I called to him and as soon as he saw me his face crumbled and I could see the panic in his face and voice. He told me he wanted to get down but he didn’t know how and started crying. I almost lost it. I got that helpless feeling, like here’s my baby, trapped, and I can’t get to him. So as calmly as I could, fighting my own tears, I directed him to the exit. I had to keep telling him to look at me because as soon as he lost sight of me I could see him starting to panic and losing his way. When he finally got to where I could reach him he jumped into my arms and said he was scared and cried a little and said he didn’t want to be there anymore. After that we went to the Basketball courts and let the kids run around while daddy and i played a mini game of horse-we forgot to keep score tho. Then the boys moved to a quiet area where they put together a floor puzzle with Cha Cha and pretended to read the magazines Caleb called his homework. After we were all exhausted we left for home, but not before I tried to get a photography shot in.

These colorful chairs were lined up along the wall waiting to be filled. While before I wasn’t editing my pictures I have started to. I don’t have Photoshop yet, but I found a great free editing site PicMonkey by some of the people who had created Picnik and I absolutely LOVE it! Right now everything is free, not sure when they will start charging but I might want to subscribe when they do because it’s so easy and awesome.  There is so much you can do, at least for some one like me who knows very little about photo editing. I figure I can learn some basics and then hopefully upgrade to Photoshop in the future. Here’s another picture I got that day looking out a window at the rainy day.

Well, that’s about it I think. Of course there are sewing updates but I think I’ll save that for later tonight or possibly tomorrow since I’m basically off, working the opening shift getting off at 9 am pretty much counts as a day off in my book. Hope everyone’s well and it feels good to be back to blogging!

It’s Spring!

20 Mar

Happy first day of Spring! It sure felt like it today, the sun was out and the sweater came off. Kind of a bummer I had to work the better part of the day and then run errands on my way home. Oh well, hopefully it’s nice this weekend. My Mother in Law is flying in Friday night which we’re all pretty excited about, she’ll be here for the weekend for Caleb’s Preschool Talent Show and silent auction. It’s insane how much preparing and fundraising we have already done and it’s about to go into overdrive. Tomorrow I have to bake cookies for the bake sale at the Talent Show, Thursday we have Gav’s speech assessment with a speech therapist, Friday we have a full run through of the Talent show and then Saturday we have to be there an hour early to help set up. I’m hoping that Sunday night the hubby and I will be able to sneak off to see The Hunger Games-fingers crossed.

My hubby and I started a new round of P90X together along with following the nutrition guide. If I feel brave enough I might, MIGHT, post the before pictures. We are going to make an effort this time to track our progress, meaning take those pictures throughout, take measurements, step on the dreaded scale etc. It’s so nice working out together since we don’t get to do too many things just him and I. I’m already sore, I know I push myself so much harder when he’s working out with me.

Haven’t gotten too much sewing done, mostly just been working on my hexies. And I’ve been keeping up with my March photo along. I’m gonna go ahead and join the April one too, it’s so much fun! Here are my last couple days of pictures.

That’s my little Brother sewing machine. I’m definitely wanting an upgrade but I love this little guy.

This was a before and after shot. I took the first one on my way to work at 6am and the second is when I got home today around 5pm. I was basically standing in the same spot for both. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to upload of our cookie baking session. I’m going to let Caleb help me this time since they are for his school, we’re making Chocolate chip Oatmeal cookies. Yummy. I’m gonna try really really hard not to eat any-well, maybe I’ll just have one, it’s all about moderation right?