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WiP Wednesday

20 Jun

We are back safe and sound from our little weekend Father’s Day trip to San Jose. We had such a good time, and we ate a ton of yummy Peruvian food, took lots of pictures, and stayed up way past our bed time every night. I have so many pictures to sort through and will probably break them up into two posts, one for Father’s day itself, and another for the trip the hubby and I took into San Francisco without the kiddos. Onto what I came here for today, my works in progress. I have finished cutting up my squares and rectangles for my plus quilt

If I’m going to make this quilt bed size (yikes, that means King) then I will have to cut more fabric. But I figured this gives me a good start because I really dislike the cutting part of quilting. Maybe I will get at least one block pieced tonight, we’ll see. I’m still stitching away at my granny squares quilt, haven’t actually made any progress since last week since we were gone all weekend. And here’s what arrived while we were gone

My Vintage Modern charm pack and my scrap bag full of awesome fabric. I cannot wait to use some of these prints! Here they are all spread out

Some of these pieces are pretty big, and only one i think was on the smaller side. All in all I am super happy with what I received. I got these on Etsy from spice berry cottage and i highly recommend this shop. I placed my order on a Tuesday and it was delivered Saturday same week. Wow. That’s fast! While I was gone Fabricworm was having an inventory clearance to make room for new collections, so of course I grabbed some prints I’ve been wanting, like Flea Market Fancy!! I’m so excited! I got 6 half yard cuts of my favorite prints and a half yard cut of an American Jane, School Days print. My stash is definitely  growing!

And last up on my works in progress is my photo a day challenge. Here are the past 10 shots

9. Your view today (and everyday really) 10. Best bit of your weekend (usually is) 11. Door (why yes, those are Christmas decorations, what?) 12. From a low angle 13. Art (a key chain Caleb made my hubby for Father’s day) 14. Time (P90X/Insanity time!) 15. Yellow 16. OUt and about (in my hubby’s old Fairlane that his dad fixed up) 17. In your bag 18. Something we don’t know about you (I believe in God and I support gay marriage) 19.Imperfect (shot of me after my Insanity workout)

And that’s it folks! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully by tomorrow I will have some pictures from our weekend adventure to post.


Photo a Day June

8 Jun

I started another photo challenge for June! If anyone remembers I had  started doing this photo a day challenge I found on Pinterest with Fatmumslim in May and I quickly found myself forgetting to take my daily pictures. Boo. I love Instagram and have since downloaded some awesome photo editing apps for my iPhone and I have started following along with the June challenge. Sometimes it is hard to stop and remember to take a picture and I have already missed 2 days, the first because I decided to rejoin on the 2nd, and day 6 because the boys were driving me up the wall. Here are my photos to date

2. Empty 3. On Your Plate. 4. Close-up 5. Sign 7. Drink 8. 6 o’clock (no filter)

I really hope that I can stay on top of the list and remember to stop and take a photo everyday. The app I have been using the most to edit my photos is Snapseed, which was free, and  I also frequently use my Hipstamatic to take pictures especially when I take pictures of food. It truly is amazing what you can do with the iPhone camera. While I may not always carry around my Nikon DSLR, I am always with my iPhone. If you have Instagram follow along! It’s a lot of fun to see how others interpet  the photo cue and I’d love to have others to follow along with. My username is robbyd31 if you want to find me!

I stopped by Joann’s today after work and picked up some Kona Cotton in Coal gray to use in my next quilt as the background fabric. I am still deciding on weither or not I want to make it a solids quilt using some bright colors I had bought awhile ago with a gift card I had, or to incorporate a print that I have been longing for and finally bought today. It was a remnant so it was 50% off and it’s .75 yards so I could potentially use it to add a little something to the quilt. I need to take some pictures, that always helps me see it a little better. I’ll post my choices tomorrow in the hopes that I can get some feedback and help! Ok, I think it’s time to get to bed. My eyes are starting to droop, my brain is powering down, and I just know those boys will be up much earlier than I would like. Good night everyone!



It’s Spring!

20 Mar

Happy first day of Spring! It sure felt like it today, the sun was out and the sweater came off. Kind of a bummer I had to work the better part of the day and then run errands on my way home. Oh well, hopefully it’s nice this weekend. My Mother in Law is flying in Friday night which we’re all pretty excited about, she’ll be here for the weekend for Caleb’s Preschool Talent Show and silent auction. It’s insane how much preparing and fundraising we have already done and it’s about to go into overdrive. Tomorrow I have to bake cookies for the bake sale at the Talent Show, Thursday we have Gav’s speech assessment with a speech therapist, Friday we have a full run through of the Talent show and then Saturday we have to be there an hour early to help set up. I’m hoping that Sunday night the hubby and I will be able to sneak off to see The Hunger Games-fingers crossed.

My hubby and I started a new round of P90X together along with following the nutrition guide. If I feel brave enough I might, MIGHT, post the before pictures. We are going to make an effort this time to track our progress, meaning take those pictures throughout, take measurements, step on the dreaded scale etc. It’s so nice working out together since we don’t get to do too many things just him and I. I’m already sore, I know I push myself so much harder when he’s working out with me.

Haven’t gotten too much sewing done, mostly just been working on my hexies. And I’ve been keeping up with my March photo along. I’m gonna go ahead and join the April one too, it’s so much fun! Here are my last couple days of pictures.

That’s my little Brother sewing machine. I’m definitely wanting an upgrade but I love this little guy.

This was a before and after shot. I took the first one on my way to work at 6am and the second is when I got home today around 5pm. I was basically standing in the same spot for both. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to upload of our cookie baking session. I’m going to let Caleb help me this time since they are for his school, we’re making Chocolate chip Oatmeal cookies. Yummy. I’m gonna try really really hard not to eat any-well, maybe I’ll just have one, it’s all about moderation right?


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

17 Mar

We kept it pretty low key here today/tonight. I worked this morning and then as soon as I got home the hubby went to work so I’ve been hangin with the boys all day, stuck inside due to the rain. I wanted to make corned beef and cabbage but I just knew the boys wouldn’t eat it, at least Gav wouldn’t and I didn’t feel like making two separate dinners so instead I went for making something green, which lead to pasta with pesto sauce. Of course the boys ate that right up and asked for seconds. Next year, however, I am making corned beef and cabbage. I wanted to do some kind of fun craft with the boys today since we were stuck inside but Gav decided to take the shortest nap ever and I had been up since 3:30am and wasn’t feeling it. I had to make myself an emergency pot of coffee to make it through to now. I have to be up again at 3:30 tomorrow morning to work so I will most likely not be sitting down at the sewing machine tonight, I really am going to try to get in bed in the next hour.

I was having some problems with my iPhoto not reading my iPhone so I haven’t been able to upload my march photo along pics. Well, today it worked and I was able to upload them, so here are the last 8 photos.

Just realizing right now I skipped a day. Oops.

Well that’s it, all up to date now. I really love Instagram and this photo along. By far my favorite photo so far is the sunglasses. I also took this one on the way home this morning from work and I’m loving it.

I love the rain, in moderation that is. Hope you all had a Happy St. Patty’s day and are keeping it safe!


8 Mar

Yes! I started a new quilt! I had to take a little break after my Christmas quilt, mostly because my arms were tired from quilting that beast on my little Brother sewing machine. I’ve been going back and forth on how I wanted to do my quilt blocks and finally settled on the Granny square quilt I posted about the other day. Here’s the first block I was able to do yesterday.

I really am in love with this. My arm was pretty sore from cutting all those 2.5in squares (I did about 400 or so) but seeing this made it worth it. I’m excited to get this all pieced and quilted. Only 19 more blocks to go!

If you remember I’ve also joined a March Photo Along and have 2 more pictures to share. Seems that I may just attempt to shoot a majority of the pics from inside my house and see how that goes…

The inspiration was Something You Wore and I was wearing these all day so instead of raiding my closet for something cute I just pointed to my feet and clicked.

This was today’s photo and the inspiration was…you guessed it, Window. I was in the kitchen while the hubby was cooking our yummy dinner of Lomo Saltado and saw the open window. I just looked at the next 2 days inspiration and I have to say I’m pretty excited about those two. Actually looking at the whole month I’m pretty sure I can do about 99% inside my house. Next month I’ll attempt to do everything outside of my house. Fun.

Lastly I’ve been struggling with something. I started this blog to catalog my sewing adventures and as an outlet to talk about being a mommy and all that details, however, I choose to not mention my kids names or post pictures of them and now I’m not sure I want to hide them. At first it was mainly to protect them and to not have them splashed all over the internet where creepy people lurk. I definitely do NOT want anyone using the pictures I may or may not post of my little ones on their sites, Pinterest-anywhere really, my Facebook is set to private for those very reasons.  On the flip side I wonder why I am not posting pictures of my boys on a blog that I write about raising them?

Photo comeback

6 Mar

Sadly I have not been sewing much lately. I attribute this mostly to the sickness that overcame our household that I am still recovering from. I am still trying to catch up on sleep and all the things that got forgotten about while we were all sick-laundry, house work, sleep mostly. My hubby did most of the housework today while Monkey was in school and let me tell you, there is nothing better than coming home to a clean house!  I have been working on my hexies and have a nice little stack going now. I’ve also begun cutting  2.5in squares for a granny square quilt I found at Blue Elephant, I plan on hand quilting this one.

I finally got my camera out and went to take some pictures. We made it a family event and I also managed to get some photos of the boys together.

I also got one of my hubby that I really like

I also joined a photo along here using Instagram on my iPhone. I started late but I figured better late than never. Today’s photo’s inspiration was 5pm

I’m kinda in love with Instagram. I just may decide to follow this photo a day for the whole year…who knows.