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Another Finished Road Trip Case!

3 Mar


I finished Gavin’s Road Trip Case today!! I’m so proud of myself! This time I decided to try to machine stitch the binding down. It was my first time attempting this and while it will take some practice to make it perfect, I’m pretty happy with the results. I think this case needs to be sturdier and machine stitching the binding makes sense if these are for kids. Now I need to go and make myself one!



I’m so happy with how these came out and the second one definitely came together in half the time it took me to make the first. I definitely learned some new skills sewing these up and it makes me so happy that the boys love their new cases.

 I read this article today on Facebook “Mommy, Somebody Needs You” and I had to share it here too. This really hit me hard. There are some days I want to pull my hair out in frustration, days I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so exhausted, and days when taking a shower and brushing my teeth are last on my mind as two little voices are telling me they’re hungry yet again. These days, right now, are so hard and full of constant need yet they truly are the most beautiful. Just today I was going to the bathroom when Gavin ran into the doorway and said “Mommy, I love you” and ran away back to what he was doing. There will be a day I will miss that. A couple days ago we had a thunderstorm which is extremely rare in Southern Cali and Gavin got so scared he would not let me move my arm from his grip. The simple act of my arm being around him and my hand in his was enough to make him feel like he was safe. There are days when Caleb comes up to me and just throws his arms around me and hugs me and looks into my eyes and tells me he loves me and I feel like I am complete. These moments go by so fast and often get overlooked by the temper tantrums, fights, the constant need for something-anything, that even in these moments I should just remember that this is what I have always wanted. This beautiful chaos. Motherhood. Some day there will be all the time in the world for me, but right now, I am loving that somebody needs ME.

#33weeks only 7 more to go!!  #pregnant #babynumber3 #readyornothescoming @readysetren

And next month we add to the beauty and chaos. I can’t wait.


During a Commercial Break…

24 Feb

I’m watching the Oscars, even though I didn’t get a chance to see any of the movies, so I’ll make this fast. I wanted to just give a little update on yesterday’s fiasco. Shortly after I hit publish on yesterday’s post I told the kids that if I made their beds, they had to do the rest. And guess what. They did. I just helped show them where to put stuff since they definitely needed some help with that. I gave them the rest of their lunch and later at dinner asked Caleb what he learned. He said, “To play with one toy at a time and then put it away.” It may seem harsh to give them lunch late, but it’s been a struggle at times to get them to put their toys away. I want them to understand organization and cleaning up after themselves, at least as much as a 3 and 5 year old can. It starts now. I know that as they get older they will remember these things we teach and repeat over and over to them. Caleb already knows it’s dangerous to text or look at your phone while driving because we say it over and over as we are driving. So at the end of the day, they were fed, cuddled, loved, and they learned a lesson.

Ok, now i’m off to try to catch who won Oscars for movies I didn’t see. I leave you with a somewhat blurry photo my hubby took of the boys new haircuts.


   Don’t you just love them?? You know what’s missing??? A sister….

Keepin it Real

23 Feb


   I love my kids, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes they can just drive me insane. Like pull my hair out, crying in a corner kind of crazy. I like to think I have a lot of patience, but sometimes my little monthly visitor makes patience next to impossible for this mamma. It began early this morning, like before 7am early. Yes, I know for most families this would be considered sleeping in, but for us, that’s early. Gav woke up first and then woke up his brother. Ok. That’s fine, I asked them to keep it down for a little bit and let me wake up. I could hear my neighbor snoring so I knew I had to keep them quiet, no reason for us all to wake up too early on a Saturday. The quiet lasted for about 15 minutes before they got out their large trucks and began driving them everywhere in their room. It sounded like a real truck was driving around in there for all the noise they were making. Finally I got up because they just weren’t keeping it down so I brought them into the living room and made them breakfast. It was going good, they ate, they left to play in their room nicely…or so I thought.

    They were destroying their room. Destroying. And the more I told them to clean, the messier it got. Here’s a little background info, we have been teaching the boys to clean up after themselves since they were very young. They have always had to clean their room and put their toys where they belong, and they know that the mess they make is their responsibility to clean. 95% of the time they play with something, put it back and get something else out because they don’t like to clean (I mean what boy does???). The other 5% of the time they cover every spare inch of their floor with toys, bedding, clothes, whatever they can get their little hands on. And WE always end up having to clean it up because at that point they need help.

    I decided today I wasn’t having it. So I told them that if they want mommy to make them lunch and do things for them, they need to listen to me and help out. ALL they have to do is clean their room. It is almost 4:30pm and their room is no cleaner than it was at noon when I told them to start cleaning. Instead of beating my head against the wall and letting frustration get the best of me, I grabbed some fabric and set out to make myself a new mug rug.


   I bought this Chevron print as a remnant a while ago at M&L Fabrics and thought it would be perfect to use on my mug rug. As soon as I started this project my stress and frustration slipped away. The kids were calm-not cleaning yet, but calm possibly because I was calm. So I kept sewing. And sewing. And asking the boys to clean. Of course every time I told them to clean so they could eat lunch they said “Ok mama!” And went to their room to continue making a mess. Yep. And so now I have a pretty new mug rug and I managed to keep my sanity.


   Of course then I had to make some coffee so I could use it. Who am I kidding, I NEED that second pot of coffee. No nap and it’s getting close to the time when I have to make dinner and the kids STILL have not cleaned their room. I’m not a monster though, I did give them half a sandwich each to inspire them to clean. Have they cleaned since then? Nope. I know we are headed for a bumpy next couple of hours, crankiness is already starting to set in for both boys, no nap can do that to a kid. Maybe that just means I’ll have 2 mug rugs by the end of the day.

I’m back for real this time!

18 Feb

Well, hello again dear blog of mine. I took quite awhile off this time, but I assure you I was very busy. It all started after Halloween, trips to the in-laws, broken bones, hospital stays, botched holiday plans, Disneyland Annual Passes, school, work, and sewing. I think that covered it all. I also found during the holidays that planning events, outings, visits, working at the school, sewing up 2 quilts, and dealing with Caleb’s broken collar bone and then staying in the hospital for 3 days with Gavin who had pneumonia Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas, left very little room for blogging. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. And so now 3 1/2 months have passed and it’s time to get back to regular blogging. I’ve missed you. All 3 of you who read this blog. If you’re still with me, thank you for sticking around! I am going to try my hardest to actually blog regularly, of course I am at the mercy of my children so as long as they play nicely I can make a habit of this.

I just went into the kids room because they were awfully quiet-they’re supposed to be cleaning up-and what did I find??? They were drawing all over themselves with a pen. Caleb has ink all over his face and arms. Oi. I’m ready to put these little monsters to bed, kick my feet up, and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I better make the rest of this post fast. I leave you with a couple of things I’ve been sewing lately. More to come, I just didn’t have time to edit them all. See ya tomorrow!


The quilt I made for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas





Days like these

30 Apr

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but you know, life happened as it so often does. So, here it is, a day late.

Yesterday was an amazing day. It was one of those days where I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the toddler tunnel that is. Talking with another mom friend of mine we came to the realization that 4 is a good age, kids become a little more independent and mom tends to get a little more of a break. Most of my days are spent constantly with the boys, weither i’m playing with them, hanging out in their room, or being constantly asked to do something for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, just not everyday, all day. We parents need breaks and there is no clocking out for a 30 min break. So when days like yesterday come along, I try to just enjoy them to the fullest and do mommy things.

Let me explain how my day went. The kids woke up at 7:30 which is their normal wake up time, but instead of right away asking for things they went back in their room and played while mommy laid in bed for 20 more minutes mentally preparing myself for the day. We came out to the living room and I made breakfast. They ate, watched a little tv and let mommy drink her much needed coffee. Then without having to beg them, they went to their room to play while I did housework. That in itself is a small victory. I cleaned and was mostly done by 10:30am save for the things I put off for days, for example folding laundry (it’s still sitting in the laundry basket) and the kids were still playing nicely in their room. So I grabbed some fabric, my cutting mat, set up the iron and began cutting the pieces I need to finish my travel sewing kit. I managed to cut all the pieces before they finally came out asking if we could go outside, which we did until lunch time. The only downside to this story is that they were re-roofing the house next to us which is basically right outside the boys room, so they didn’t end up taking  a long nap and I couldn’t sleep at all. So I made more coffee, we went outside to play again, and then the boys let me sew. What?? This never happens. Any time I go into my little corner they follow me in there which leaves me no room and always makes me sew crooked, so when they didn’t follow me in I was ecstatic. I managed to get more than halfway done with it! They got a little crazy while I was making dinner but after how good they were all day, I couldn’t get frustrated. And then at bed time they both pretty much went right to sleep.

It’s so nice to have an easy day every so often. I feel refreshed and I think I really needed that.

Nap time

14 Apr

The boy just woke up from a 3 hour nap. That is not a typo folks, they really slept for 3 whole glorious hours. I sort of think maybe this was because they felt remorse for waking me up at 6:45am this morning and deciding they were ready to start their day of madness well before their ill rested mother was. Well, i sure am rested now! It almost went downhill a few minutes ago but I quickly averted a disastrous post nap time melt down by keeping calm and reacting with hugs instead of a firm voice. It worked. Hooray! Caleb was a little cranky and was whining about wanting milk, normally I might tell him no he has to wait until dinner but instead I made a deal, I told him to drink some juice first and then he could have milk, and I offered a snack and hugged him and thanked him for sleeping so long. What a difference my reaction made. He turned right around and is all smiles now and is happily eating gold fish crackers watching Bubble Guppies with his brother. Hopefully we can keep up this mood until daddy gets home tonight.

I’m woking on a big post recapping our mini vacation to Palm Springs complete with tons of pictures that I’ve been sorting through. I thought I would have been done yesterday but I’ve been so tired and yesterday I decided to sit down at my sewing machine for the first time in over a week to begin piecing my granny squares quilt together. Hoping to have both post and quilt top done tomorrow! Happy Saturday everyone!

5 down…

16 Mar

…15 more to go. I finished 2 more blocks of my granny squares quilt tonight making a total of 5 completed blocks. We put the boys to bed early since they didn’t take naps, well, I should say attempted to put them down early. They played until we finally took Caleb out of the room so that Gav could fall asleep, so during that time I decided to whip out a couple blocks. If I make at least 2 blocks a night I can finish them in 7ish days, maybe even have the quilt top completed in a week and a half if I hunker down and just sew. That means I need to get on it and order my Pearl cotton to hand quilt this baby. Right now it’s on sale on Joann.com so I’ll probably be placing that order tomorrow!

Funny story to share-at least I think it’s funny. The other morning Caleb woke up and said he had to go to the bathroom around 7ish. So I hear him go into the bathroom, close the door, flush the toilet and I think maybe I dozed off for a few minutes because the next thing I heard was Gav in his room yelling. I thought hmmm, he usually doesn’t do that unless he is alone in his room. So immediately I know Caleb must be up to something because he is quiet and obviously not in his room like he’s supposed to be. So as I’m getting up I’m calling his name and I hear him walking out of the kitchen saying “What mommy?” all sweet and guilty like. I ask him what he was doing and he said nothing. I had my suspicion as to what he was doing so I told him to open his mouth and sure enough, inside his mouth stuck in his teeth are little flecks of chocolate cookie. He had moved a chair to the cupboards and gotten a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie out from where I had put them the night before, which he had seen me do. I couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed too, more out of relief that I wasn’t mad. How can you get mad at that? As soon as I told my hubby what he did we had a good laugh and he laughingly told Caleb that he can’t do that. I was just glad he had only eaten One cookie as opposed to the whole box because those are my favorite cookies and I would have been bummed if he hadn’t left me any!