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Getting Ready For Baby

20 Feb

It seems that I have reached that point in my pregnancy where I am tired all the time again and could sleep for hours in the afternoon. Thankfully my hubby has been super supportive and understanding and sacrifices his own rest time so that I can get a little extra. Of course the end of pregnancy is when energy is down and there is the most to do! We have designated Sunday as Operation get ready for baby. I’ll be doing a ton of laundry, putting together the bassinet, making sure my breast pump still works, and making a list of the things we need. One thing I can cross of that need list is burp cloths. The other night I made 4 of them and was surprised with how fast they came together!

DIY Burp Cloths


I got the prints at my local fabric shop, Momen +, awhile ago during a remnant sale. I believe it’s a double gauze so it’s really soft and snuggly plus I backed it with what Joanns calls Soft N Comfy. I have some flannel I bought awhile ago when it went on super sale at Joanns that I plan on using to make a few more burp cloths. These days I really do love a fast easy project that I can whip up while dinner is being made. I’m gonna keep this one short tonight as my back is killing me. Earlier while I was putting something away in the pantry my cat ran ahead of me thinking I was going to feed her, got right under my feet and zigged when she should have zagged. I subbed my toes while trying not to step on her and fall and I think I may have just put a little too much stress on my back struggling to stay upright. So I’ll be spending the night relaxing waiting for my hubby to get home to massage it for me. Have a good night everyone!


Has it been almost 1 year??

3 Feb

Has it really been almost a year since I last blogged?? Wow. That is terrible! And understandable. It was a busy year for us, Caleb graduated Preschool and started Kindergarden in the fall. Gavin started Preschool in the fall and has just blossomed, it really blows my mind. We spent many, many, many days at Disneyland enjoying our season passes and I managed to fit in a little sewing here and there but mostly selfish sewing. I got a little overwhelmed in the fall when Caleb started Kinder because I had no idea how busy our days would become. From waking up around 6:30am, getting breakfast made, lunch packed, everyone dressed and dropped off by 8:15, entertaining Gavin when he wasn’t at school, picking up Caleb at 2:30, homework, a little play time, clean up, dinner, bath, bed, I was exhausted. Turned out I may have been tired for an entirely different reason as we found out in September that we would be welcoming another little bundle of joy into our family. And here we are 29 weeks later, closer to welcoming our third son into this crazy family.


Only 11 weeks to go, give or take, and only 9 more weeks left of work-so close! I didn’t sew for a good 3 months due to having morning sickness that lasted all day and peaked at night around 5pm. Unfortunately for me the sight of my sewing machine and fabric made me nauseous and claustrophobic.  I think what finally snapped me out of it was my desire to finish Gav’s birthday quilt before his birthday. If you remember this was supposed to have been for his 3rd birthday but that came and went. It’s finished now and currently resides on Gavin’s bed where he loves to sleep under it.

Gavin's quilt

I love the way this came out and am even happier that Gavin loves it. Lastly I have been sewing up things to help pay off the newest addition to my sewing machine family, a Juki HZL F600. I love her. I made a deal with the hubby since he had found me quite a bit of unclaimed money that I sent in paperwork to get back, that I would use that money towards it (which paid for most of the machine) and I would sell handmade goodies to pay off the rest. I have an amazing husband who knows how much I love to sew and fully supports my desire to pursue it as more than a hobby. I’m still searching which online store I want to open so for now I have them up on my Instagram @robbynsnest. It’s a little hard to part with them because I want them all for myself!


I’m trying to stock up before baby comes in April because Lord knows when he gets here the last thing on my mind for a few weeks will be sewing. Hope you all had a great start to the week and I’ll try not to be such a stranger round here.