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One Block Down

18 Mar

I seem to be a bit obsessed with hand quilting and the quilt as you go method. I LOVE the way hand quilting looks, either with Perle cotton or thread. I recently found some QAYG tutorials on Pinterest and since I have the worlds tiniest throat on my sewing machine and summer is getting closer, I thought this would be a good method to try out. I’ve completed on block and am really loving the way it looks.


My hand quilting is far from perfect, but I think that’s part of the charm. Next time I need to baste it a little better, I messed up on a couple of corners and bunched the fabric a bit. Now that things have slowed down a bit at Caleb’s school (for a couple weeks anyway) I will have some more time to sew again. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight with a little quilting. Happy Monday!


1930’s love

2 Mar

I’m tired. For the past couple of days all I want to do is sleep. I’m pretty sure it’s because I finally made it back to the gym this week and I’ve been working a little more. It’s been hot here as well and it’s been zapping any spare energy I’ve had. It has not been a good couple of days for sewing around here. I sat at my machine last night for maybe 30 minutes to work on my fabric alphabet and managed to only complete A and got halfway done with B. I’m thinking I need a vacation or something. Anyways, maybe this will get me in the mood to create


   I’m kinda loving 1930’s reproduction prints right now. I’ve been seeing those little bunnies around and I just had to have them. I was thinking of doing a log cabin lap quilt or maybe this easy nine patch I saw here. The nine patch would work up really fast and I want to hand quilt it and try out the quilt as you go method. I can’t decide. I do know that looking at this fabric makes me want to figure it out fast and get to piecing. Any suggestions?

It’s Wednesday!

27 Feb

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

   Happy Wednesday everyone! Before I get started with my works in progress I have to share this funny story. About 15 minutes ago we put Gav down to sleep. He just called me into his room saying he needed to blow his nose, I went in tissue in hand and helped him blow his nose. He then informed me that there were boogers on the wall. Apparently he has taken to putting his boogers there next to his bed. A little bit of yuck and a whole lot of funny. The joys of raising boys!

   I haven’t sewn in 2 days so this poor quilt is almost halfway done being quilted begging to be finished.



    At first I thought I would just quilt on the outside of the pattern zigs, or is it the zags?, then I decided that’s too much space in between quilting lines and so I’m going to go back and quilt on the other side of the seams. So far I’m loving it but boy is it a pain to move this thing around on my tiny machine!! I definitely want   need a new machine! There are a few other Wip’s I have laying around but the most recent thing I’m making is fabric letters I found on Pinterest here. I thought this might be a really good way to help Caleb learn his alphabet since singing it and reading it in a book don’t seem to get his attention enough. It will also give Gav a head start on his learning.  Here’s what I have so far, most letters cut out and fabric chosen.


   I just went to a Kindergarden Orientation for Caleb tonight and am just blown away at how much it has changed since I was in Kindergarden! It’s so much more academic based than it was once upon a time. Not only is it a lot of work for the kids, but parents as well!!! Guess I’m back to doing homework 5 nights a week! As scared as I am of having my baby go to school all day 5 days a week, I’m also excited for this next stage in his life. I’m just going to try to really enjoy this last semester of Preschool and enjoy these days to their fullest. It all goes by so fast and I want to make sure I just stop and live in the moment.

My boy is so silly. #lovemykids

Quilt Basted!

21 Feb

I was too tired to blog yesterday. I spent my morning/afternoon at Caleb’s school and then the boys both woke up from their naps with fevers. By the time the kids were finally asleep I had time to baste Gav’s quilt and try to relax a little. Sick kids are exhausting. They’ve been running us ragged today. My poor hubby woke up to this

photoThat’s vaseline and toilet paper. Funny looking at it now, but it wasn’t so funny for my hubby at 7am. Trying to get these kids to relax and rest to get better is next to impossible. This moment right now as I type this might be the first quiet moment we’ve had in the house all day. Toy Story 2 is on and they seem to be captivated-that is until a commercial comes on. So I better type fast.

Last night I managed to get Gav’s quilt basted and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to start quilting it tonight. We’ll see how much energy I have after dinner and our night time routine is finished. Here’s what it looked like on my floor last night

20. Where I stood. Let's get this baby basted! #fmsphotoaday
This is my least favorite part of quilting. #quilt #sewing #robbynsnest

I don’t know about anyone else, but basting a quilt has to be my least favorite part of the whole process. My living room floor is the best place to lay out my quilts but that also means i’m on my hands and knees crouched down and that’s no bueno for the back. At least it’s not a huge quilt. Now that it’s basted I’m anxious to finish it up and put it on Gav’s bed before it gets too warm for him to use it.

Before I lose this rare quiet moment I’ll end this with one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken at Caleb’s school so far. This is Caleb’s best friend. This is why Preschool is so fun. And lucky me, I get to experience it with him. Happy Thursday everyone!


Little Elephants

19 Feb


Back in November I began this quilt. I finished piecing the quilt top right after Gav’s 3rd birthday, and then Christmas came, pneumonia hit, and this quilt has been sitting on my chair patiently waiting to be basted, quilted, and bound. I still haven’t even bought the fabric for Caleb’s Birthday quilt that was last week. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to put the kids to bed early and clear a space to start the fun  process (and by fun I mean my least favorite part of making a quilt) of basting this baby. We’ll see…things rarely go according to how I’d like them to go, so I may have one little helper tonight. Here’s the finished top.


Thanks to my hubby for holding it so I could get a decent shot. It’s a little windy outside so I had to snap a shot before I was fully focused, hence the slightly blurry shot. I’m glad I got this out because now I am determined to get this thing done. I’ll let ya know tomorrow how that goes. Happy Tuesday!!

I’m back for real this time!

18 Feb

Well, hello again dear blog of mine. I took quite awhile off this time, but I assure you I was very busy. It all started after Halloween, trips to the in-laws, broken bones, hospital stays, botched holiday plans, Disneyland Annual Passes, school, work, and sewing. I think that covered it all. I also found during the holidays that planning events, outings, visits, working at the school, sewing up 2 quilts, and dealing with Caleb’s broken collar bone and then staying in the hospital for 3 days with Gavin who had pneumonia Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas, left very little room for blogging. Blogging was the last thing on my mind. And so now 3 1/2 months have passed and it’s time to get back to regular blogging. I’ve missed you. All 3 of you who read this blog. If you’re still with me, thank you for sticking around! I am going to try my hardest to actually blog regularly, of course I am at the mercy of my children so as long as they play nicely I can make a habit of this.

I just went into the kids room because they were awfully quiet-they’re supposed to be cleaning up-and what did I find??? They were drawing all over themselves with a pen. Caleb has ink all over his face and arms. Oi. I’m ready to put these little monsters to bed, kick my feet up, and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I better make the rest of this post fast. I leave you with a couple of things I’ve been sewing lately. More to come, I just didn’t have time to edit them all. See ya tomorrow!


The quilt I made for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas





Now That The Olympics Are Over…

14 Aug

…I can get back to sewing regularly and blogging a little more often. It was once my goal to blog once a day, but i’ve come to realize that with our crazy life there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Caleb starts school in two weeks so i may find myself with a teeny bit more time, but the time he is in school is still packed with Speech Therapy for my little Bug. My hubby also starts school again in two weeks so the focus will shift to him getting time to study and all that fun stuff. There really is a lot going on here! I actually didn’t realize how busy we are going to be come September until just now. Wow. Well, we’ll manage like we always do and somehow still find time to connect with each other and spend some quality time together, starting with Sundays. My hubby came up with the idea to have one night a week where we do a fun dinner that the kids can help make. First up on the list is homemade pizza! I’m looking forward to this Sunday and beginning a new tradition with my boys. Time to start a new Pinterest board and get to pinning!

In other news I stitched up a few more crayon rolls that need to be shipped out to my brother in law this week. I was a little late on getting these together as we had 2 birthdays to celebrate last week (my hubby’s and mine), but as the saying goes, better late than never! Although it is another push to get that Etsy shop open…soon, soon.

I just love that Alexander Henry print so much!! My sister and I made a trip to M&L Fabrics Discount Store today in Anaheim and after reading some of the Yelp reviews I was a little worried about what to expect. Glad I went in with an open mind because I was blown away by it’s awesomeness. The women who work there were so nice and helpful, quite the opposite of what some other Yelpers experienced. Think Downtown prices without the Downtown chaos. Everything was neat, organized, and clearly labeled. They had aisles and aisles of flat fold fabric for $2.49/yd!!! What??!!! There were even some designer prints mixed in there. Yes, it is a little overwhelming and there is a lot to go through in this section, but I was already planning my next trip out and quilt designs were flying through my head. The center of the store was dedicated to the designer/import fabrics and I was in HEAVEN. Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Heather Bailey, Denise Schmidt…I could go on. All priced fairly and considering I don’t have to pay shipping, cheaper than online! Here is my loot, all totaling $24, which my sister paid for as a Birthday present to me. Isn’t she the best?

You can see the remnants I got on top and how low the price was for them, yes one of them does say $0.43. Pretty awesome right? I can’t wait to use these! After a pretty successful trip to the OC we headed to Long Beach to a little store I found online called The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse. I googled thrift stores near me and saw this, went to the homepage and thought, wow, this place is for me! This store is filled with some awesome stuff. They had all kinds of crafting supplies and then some. I love the concept of this store and I hope that it thrives because I will definitely be going back to this store and donating items i won’t be using. Here’s what I got minus what my sister got (cooking tongs, 2 boxes of paperclips, and a string of beads) all for under $3.

I just loved the old thread spools and thought they would look cute when photographing my stuff. The film roll canister (with film) will be used to make a flash diffuser I saw on Pinterest, and I thought I could use the cute charms on zipper pulls for little pouches. It was great to have some sister time and find some awesome new stores to shop at! Now I better get some sewing done while the hubby and kids are out of the house. I leave you with a cute little stack of Vintage Modern hexies i’m stitching up to go on a tote bag I’m making for myself.