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It’s Wednesday!

27 Feb

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

   Happy Wednesday everyone! Before I get started with my works in progress I have to share this funny story. About 15 minutes ago we put Gav down to sleep. He just called me into his room saying he needed to blow his nose, I went in tissue in hand and helped him blow his nose. He then informed me that there were boogers on the wall. Apparently he has taken to putting his boogers there next to his bed. A little bit of yuck and a whole lot of funny. The joys of raising boys!

   I haven’t sewn in 2 days so this poor quilt is almost halfway done being quilted begging to be finished.



    At first I thought I would just quilt on the outside of the pattern zigs, or is it the zags?, then I decided that’s too much space in between quilting lines and so I’m going to go back and quilt on the other side of the seams. So far I’m loving it but boy is it a pain to move this thing around on my tiny machine!! I definitely want   need a new machine! There are a few other Wip’s I have laying around but the most recent thing I’m making is fabric letters I found on Pinterest here. I thought this might be a really good way to help Caleb learn his alphabet since singing it and reading it in a book don’t seem to get his attention enough. It will also give Gav a head start on his learning.  Here’s what I have so far, most letters cut out and fabric chosen.


   I just went to a Kindergarden Orientation for Caleb tonight and am just blown away at how much it has changed since I was in Kindergarden! It’s so much more academic based than it was once upon a time. Not only is it a lot of work for the kids, but parents as well!!! Guess I’m back to doing homework 5 nights a week! As scared as I am of having my baby go to school all day 5 days a week, I’m also excited for this next stage in his life. I’m just going to try to really enjoy this last semester of Preschool and enjoy these days to their fullest. It all goes by so fast and I want to make sure I just stop and live in the moment.

My boy is so silly. #lovemykids


Little Elephants

19 Feb


Back in November I began this quilt. I finished piecing the quilt top right after Gav’s 3rd birthday, and then Christmas came, pneumonia hit, and this quilt has been sitting on my chair patiently waiting to be basted, quilted, and bound. I still haven’t even bought the fabric for Caleb’s Birthday quilt that was last week. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to put the kids to bed early and clear a space to start the fun  process (and by fun I mean my least favorite part of making a quilt) of basting this baby. We’ll see…things rarely go according to how I’d like them to go, so I may have one little helper tonight. Here’s the finished top.


Thanks to my hubby for holding it so I could get a decent shot. It’s a little windy outside so I had to snap a shot before I was fully focused, hence the slightly blurry shot. I’m glad I got this out because now I am determined to get this thing done. I’ll let ya know tomorrow how that goes. Happy Tuesday!!